Take Today - Wasting Time Review

The new single (and bloody epic new video as well) from the talented Glasgow four piece Take Today dropped into my email a few days ago, and I hate to say, that with all the Christmas stress and shenanigans afoot, it took me a few days even to check it out.

More fool me really, as it's a damn well put together video, and a damn fine tune as well, it's slightly heavier than earlier tracks I have heard from the band, but that's not a bad thing, this song is soaring in all the right places, and delivers a kick like a mule when it needs to. It's both catchy and memorable, and it will end up right on our shop playlist... when we finally get round to changing the damn thing!

Among the listed musical likes on the bands own page, one or two stood out as great comparisons to the heavier than I expected, guitar driven rock of Wasting Time, but the biggest comparison I could give is that this song reminds me of a grittier, more blistering  Biffy Clyro... and since I pretty much listen to at least one Biffy album per week, that is high praise from me indeed. (I work in a music shop, I get through a LOT of music!)

To be honest, you just have to turn your ears to the track yourself to hear exactly what I am talking about. This sounds like a song that would absolutely leave any crowd wanting more when it is played live. Christ, I might just buy a ticket to their next gig on the strength of this track alone. I don't say that often.

Where are they playing next then? Glad you asked, you can catch the lads at King Tuts on January 16th with Ikari, Brothers, and Painting Rockets. Hopefully I will see you at the bar.

https://www.facebook.com/taketodayofficial/videos/1009523602520871/ (That's the link to the video, our website doesn't appear to like embedding Facebook links!)