Frank Carter Sets Fire to Glasgow - Ciaran McCaskill

A bitter cold Tuesday was set on fire when Frank Carter decided it was time to rock up to Glasgow on his recent tour of the U.K, bringing Basement and Ecca Vandal along with him!

With a complimentary token for a cup of Sailor Jerry when you get in, the night was already off to a merry start, and as I walked through the doors into the room, I was greeted by the vibes of Ecca Vandal. Riding on the buzz of her self-titled release which dropped in October, she was clear on making a mark to the opening of the night. The buzz was passed off through the room, bringing you right into the music as she displayed what she had to offer throughout the set!


Basement was a band I listened to for a while now, as I fell into the ether for the past year. I spent the days running up to the gig cramming in their most up to date release, Promise Everything. The album itself is one kind of form to appreciate the unique sound the Ipswich boys create. Though, to witness it in the flesh, (and with my own eyeballs!) was a different caliber altogether! A set that slid in with Brother’s Keeper, from Promise Everything. Threading in songs from Colourmewithkindness, and splashes of I Wish I Could Stay Here thrown in there for good measure too. It was a constant flow of noise to get you engulfed in what they had to offer.

Frank Carter soon made sure the level that Basement had set for the night was taken, punched in the dick, and thrown straight into the sun. Tonsillitis or not, Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes were out to own the ABC, and thrown from the stage to the rafters, Frank had it covered. Hearing songs from Modern Ruin released back in January, threaded with songs from Blossom, it was a flame fueled set to witness! It’s now ride onward to see what happens in 2018 with a gig in the calendar with the legendary Foo Fighters already, it’s a sure to be absolutely mental!