There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres

— Pythagoras
Music in the soul can be heard by the universe
— Lao Tzu

Like Loki said of Mark McG in his Glasgow version of The List’s Top 100; “Anybody worth talking about in Scottish music was put on by him years ago” and it’s true, I’ve referred to him as a Swiss army knife of music, and a one-man-music-industry, here’s a guy who really does make things happen. Whether it’s sedulously performing, hosting, promoting or organising, Mark’s on it. Which is why when he says a band is good, I listen, and when he puts on a gig, I go. I’ve been to a lot of the gigs Mark’s put on over the years and I have never ever been disappointed. On the contrary, nine times out of ten my mind is blown! And not least on 18th November at Broadcast…

I had heard Mark extoling The Moods for some time, but I knew I’d see them live eventually so I refrained from checking out their Youtube videos so I could get the first impressions live (as I often do with a new band I’m likely to see). The Moods are from Manchester and for some inexplicable reason I thought they’d be some “indie” band, far from it though, as I soon found out…

As seems to be the case so often these days I was drunk by the time I reached the gig, thanks to pre-gig drinks at the NHC shop. I did however, have the courtesy to wait until I’d seen all the live acts before blacking out, which is good, because I would have missed four absolutely sterling performances if I’d been just a little more drunk.

Mark often takes the Jackal Trades show in a very different direction from the record when on stage, rapping his genius lyrics over proggy, eerie, weird, synth-rock with the backing of Jess and Martin on keys and guitar. This night however, we got a performance from Jackal Trades true to the original album, which features a glitterati of producers including Soundthief, Mistah Bohze and Andy Martin to name but a small handful. My top record of 2016 by a million miles, it’s been stuck in my head and playing on my stereo for exactly a year now. And as we celebrate ‘Need The Characters’ first birthday, it has shown that it is not an album that gets stale or old, it’s as fresh as the day it was released and will continue to be so perennially. There’s no shortcut to longevity.


A Jackal Trades remix album dropped recently which you can buy here or if you don’t own the original you really need to sort that out bro! Buy it here

Rory O’B has been on the Road for years, cutting his teeth at live shows and broadening his spectrum of sounds working in projects with Ciaran Mac and K9 Kev, to eventually the birth of Busker Rhymes encapsulating him. A party band that go from busk til’ dawn and who are never far

from a bottle of Buckfast or two (crates). The only other band that comes close in their oenomania is the Chibmarks, maybe they should have a Buckfast appreciation gig together. Busker Rhymes can be hit and miss, but they are definitely mostly hit, and when they hit they hit hard, like when a tonic wine bottle bounces off your head but doesn’t break. At that gig they shone bright and stunned everyone with an acutely delivered set. Hip hop, reggae acoustic madness, choruses to sing along to and tunes to lose your shit to. Busker Rhymes are gaining a lot of momentum at the moment, as a group of such talented musicians will. Certainly one of the hottest acts of 2017!

“Folktronic” Yoko Pwno, yet another band Mark has put me onto, have seriously fucking made people think about music in a whole new way, expanding horizons and demolishing norms. They are an unbelievable tour de force on stage, a musical paradigm shift! Deep throbbing electronic bass overlaid with a whole barrage of musical instruments, but the star of the show is the fiddles. When they play those fiddles they will give you an afflatus right there on the spot, no matter who you are, it’s like a spiritual awakening. It’s on my bucket list now to experience this band with psilocybin. Trippy, diverse, innovative, unique and oozing raw natural talent and creativity. Easily one of the best bands around today!

And so, what we ended up with that night, was a psychedelic reel of one astounding performance after another, all centered round the star of hip hop but with a plethora of other styles spinning in its orbit like a cluster of moons. A perfectly arranged mixture of ingredients to create satisfaction guaranteed. I was interested to see how The Moods (not to be confused with the sixties rock & roll band) were going to follow all this up, little did I know that one of the highlights of the night was still to come.

Far from the four-piece indie band my imagination had unaccountably envisioned, we were presented with a ragtag ensemble of about ten singers, rappers, DJs and instrumentalists, and provided with a glorious mixture of pop, soul, hip hop, drum & bass, dubstep etc. Unpredictable and hyperactive, they shook me out of my drunk reverie for one more White Russian-spilling dance, before succumbing to increased intoxication. Thought provoking lyricists, genre-hoppers, and a live show that galvanises and maximises the energy in the room, The Moods are a must-see. Manchester and Glasgow are two of the best music cities in Britain, unarguably, and this night proved that.

Once again Boom Bap delivers an unforgettable night that has been highly acclaimed by everyone that was there. If you want to see the best talents in Glasgow and beyond, you see who Mark McG’s putting on that week and you’re sure to experience a live show you’ll be talking about for weeks afterwards… Who knows, maybe even tell your grandkids one day… With the talent that’s bubbling away in the steaming (drunk) cauldron of Glasgow’s music scene right now, somebody is bound to explode, any day soon… And I guarantee, Mark will have put them on years ago. Follow The Moods here Yoko Pwno here Busker Rhymes can be found here And the brilliant Jackal Trades here

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Seeya’ in the pit!

CTH (Gonzo Div.)