Fallen Arches - Our First Ever Band Of The Month At NHC MUSIC - Here Is The Reason Why

After our consultation with registered bands a few weeks ago, we opted to change some of the things we do at NHC MUSIC, and one of those changes that we implimented was to start showcasing a band, or act of the month. We thought the first time we did this it would be a hard choice, but to be honest, it wasn't really a hard choice at all. We opted for Fallen Arches to be our first act of the month, and the three main reasons for that are below. This is the same three choices we will use to identify all our bands of the month from now on, and we will have an article for each one of those choices in good time. For now though, it's Fallen Arches;

1. Musicianship

Fallen Arches is an absolute no brainer in this catagory, because if you are looking for not only fantastic penmanship and creative song ideas mixed in with your finely tuned guitarmanship and softly sung vocals, then Fallen Arches wins it every time. Colin is not just a jack of all trades in this respect, he is more of a master of all, and I can't really see a flaw in the musicianship side of things at all. Hell, all you have to do is take a listen to the songs on his new album Pen To Paper to see that the guy is a bit of a creative genuis. Don't just let us tell you that though, listen to his stuff and make your mind up on your own.

2. Work Rate

Work rate is a hugely important thing for bands and musicians to balance, as there is a fine line between not doing enough on the live music scene, and over saturation of yourself as a band / brand. Fallen Arches seems to have that balance worked out perfectly, never gigging too often in the one city, and never jumping onboard shitty five band mixed bills. In fact, you would be much better placed to find Colin playing at some of the more unusual and interesting events near you, such as festival slots, instore shows, video events and the like. On top of all this he is not only a great self promoter of everything he is involved with, but he takes time out to cross promote, and work with, other acts and bands that he loves listening to and working with himself.  For NHC MUSIC, this is how you make it in the industry, you help others along as you go. So for us, working in this way is the difference between a good musician, and a great one.

3. The People Behind The Music

The man behind Fallen Arches and everything that name carries is none other than Colin Bell, and when he is not making, or performing music for Fallen Arches (and sneaking an odd beer here and there with folk like NHC MUSIC...) then he is out and about in the music scene at large. He teaches music to those who need to learn it, helps other musicians with promotion, attends other events, helps organise tours with likeminded musicians, and more. In fact, Colin does so much creative good within the local music scene and beyond, that I secretly hate him, and have sneaky suspicions that he is some sort of hiddenserial killer, and Fallen Arches is actually just his cover life to offset all the evil things he does. If he is not a serial killer, then we probably all need to up our game within the scene, as there is much work to be done!

So aye, check out the link below, watch the video above, and get some Fallen Arches in yer life.