NHC MUSIC Checks Out MCM Scotland With Jolly Bearded Promotions and Kullas Media


Written by Andrew Kullas

Photos by Sebastian Akehurst

Veronica Taylor Photo by Andrew Kullas

From the obscurest anime characters like Ryu from Elfen Lied, right through to the ever popular characters like Batman, and Power Rangers, MCM Scotland was packed full of bright colours, loud music, and wonderful displays.

With attendance in the region of 30, 000 over the two day weekend, MCM Scotland was nothing short of a success. To put it in a quantifiable amount, that’s enough people to fill out over 50% of Celtic or Rangers Stadium in Glasgow in one sitting. Having previously attended MCM Northern Ireland earlier this year, Scotland was wonderfully fresh with the amazing costumes, fabulous guests such as TomSka, the creator of the ASDFMOVIE, Veronica Taylor, the voice of Ash Ketchum (Pokémon), four of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Johnny Yong Bosch, Walter Jones, David Yost, and Karan Ashley. Of course, we would be amiss to not mention guests like Peter Davison from Doctor Who (1963), and Sam J. Jones from Flash Gordon (1980).

As Sebastian Akehurst from Jolly Bearded Promotions and myself headed to the event on Saturday, after a brief delay to a cancelled train of all things, we arrived among a crowd of enthusiastic cosplayers, young and old. After getting in the doors, it only took us minutes until we had seen a Space Marine from Warhammer 40k, and Bob Ross, and Harley Quinn fixing Iron Mans helmet, an example of crossing the DC/Marvel divide as true fans often do. We were overwhelmed with the talent on display, from the intricate costumes, to the examples of art on display and for sale. Artist were offering anything from unique art, to their own fantastic versions of classics, like Pokémon and Yugioh. One guy was even offering to draw customers as a sloth version, but unfortunately our funds ran low at this stage. Alas, we shall forever ponder the image of Jolly Bearded in sloth form.

Sunday went by only slightly quieter. In all the Comic Cons I’ve attended, Sundays have always dropped in numbers. However, Scotland was barely noticeable in its attendance. Still fighting crowds and queues as fans attended talks from their heroes. Naturally, as huge as a Pokémon I am (And shall forever be), I couldn’t miss a talk by Veronica Taylor on the Sunday. She talked briefly about her time on the eight seasons on the show, as well as her life moving living and working in New York to LA, and how it felt like starting over again.

During the Q&As, many interesting topics were raised, from the expected such as her favourite Pokémon, (Charizard for those wondering, if only so she can fly over traffic during rush hour), to her work as a voice actor. Her responses were refreshingly insightful for a career actor. Veronica was also asked about her thoughts on the work environment of being a voice actor:

“When you’re in the arts, wherever, if you’re a writer, an artist, an actor, that the highs are high, and the lows are low, and there are many more lows than highs. But when it’s something that you’re passionate about, there’s nothing else you can do.”

As ever, the staff at MCM worked hard all weekend long to ensure that the event ran smoothly, and all the attendees were got their monies worth. And when you see tiny kids barely two feet tall running around as Rey, or Wonderwoman, and adults embracing their nerdier side dressing in Wookie costumes, and Gandalf, it certainly was a successful weekend. I’ll leave you now with the best costume we seen all week: Masterchef.