If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration
— Nikola Tesla
Welcome to The Freedom Frequency. Inhale your perceptions, and exhale your fears, let go of all you believe and take the first step towards the true you. You are a living breathing extension of the original Big Bang, every thought you conceive and every action you make are that first point of origin expressing its own expansion through the eyes of you... YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE... and it’s time you remembered, Freedom is not a monetary item... Freedom is not a physical thing... Freedom is not a state of mind... Freedom is a frequency...
— Steg G & The Freestyle Master

Those are the words I find scribed in the inlay of Steg G and the Freestyle Master's brand new opus 'Freedom Frequency'. It seems this album found me serendipitously, (as things will when you're vibrating at the right frequency). I knew it from the second it dropped through my letterbox and I opened the envelope, to find an eye-catching bit of artwork emblazoned on the front, in sunburst reds and oranges and a verdant green undertone that somehow soothed me just looking at it. Even better is the centrepiece; a hip-hop guy in the lotus position with his mind's eye (the pineal gland) wide open and an aura surrounding him...

The more I look around me these days, the more I see people waking up. The free exchange of information via the internet and social media might be the most important thing that ever happened to this species, as more and more people become educated and enlightened, and the veil of media, government, institutions and corporations is cast aside more and more each day, as we step blinking into the light from our slavery of mind control. It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it's your life, and it's ending one minute at a time, and if you don't wake up and experience love, I mean truly experience love, then it's a precious gift wasted.

Through regular use of psychedelics slowly causing the death of ego, and a broadening of the mind, I've been on my own journey of self discovery the past couple decades, intensifying in the last few years with awareness, learning, and most recently, meditation.

If you combine the knowledge of modern science with the understandings of ancient cultures and traditions and religions, you get the same answer. That the whole universe, everything around you, your so-called "solid" reality... It's just matter that is vibrating at a certain frequency, holding everything together, and your brain (one of seven billion antennas on this planet) and its interpretation of that signal, gives you your "physical" realm.

Frequencies are the key, Einstein knew it, Tesla knew it, the Egyptians knew it, the government knows it. We as humans are components of one great entity, the universe, we are all one and the same, there is no god because we are all God. The hippies were right all along. The hippies were right about other stuff too, like all you need is love... It's more than just a cliche...

There are sixty four possible codes of amino acid in your DNA structure. We usually have about twenty of those codes switched on, the switch that controls them is called 'emotion'. Fear is a long, slow wave that touches relatively few sites on your DNA, so one who is living in fear restricts the amount of antennas switched on inside them. Love is a higher frequency and a shorter wavelength which has many more potential sites for coding. Hence the government/media constantly feeding us fear, to keep us vibrating at a low potential. Love is the key... Love will break your chains!

Wait, what was I doing again? Fuck... Yeah... An album review... I haven't even started the first song yet! Shit, sorry Steg, but you can't send me an album that looks like this and expect me not to go on a tangent about frequencies and inner-self... I'll nip it in the bud now though, or this review will be more like a book than an article...

The last thing I expected to get me talking about spirituality today was a hip-hop album, inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places. We're all connecting as more and more lights go on. Yep, I've got a good feeling about this record, and I haven't even heard the first track yet... So let's just light that joint and press play...

A keyboard intro, and H.G Wells (or is it the Brain from Pinky & The Brain?) telling us "In our tenure on this planet we have accumulated dangerous evolutionary baggage; propensities for aggression and ritual, submission to leaders and hostility to outsiders, all of which place our survival in some doubt. But we have also acquired compassion for others, love for our children, a desire to learn from history and a great soaring passionate intelligence..."

Wells is shattered brilliantly by a strong female voice beautifully crooning "Be peace, be a pawn, be the sunrise at dawn" the rhyming pattern is spot on and the vocals and bassdrops marry perfectly with the eerie keyboard melody. The dark, gritty rap that follows spits truths in a wonderfully visceral manner. 'Iron Tears' is a fantastic opening track, featuring Empress and Liane Henry.

Love the beat and the vocal deliverance of 'Break The Silence', kinda' reminds me a Scottish Immortal Technique if you could imagine such a thing. An uplifting, invigorating slice of skilled hip-hop, with intellectual lyricism and lots of rhythm, right up my street, or should I say vibrating at my frequency. It makes you want to scream, it makes you want to put your foot right through the telly screen!

A new consciousness is developing which sees the Earth as a single organism, and recognises that an organism at war with itself is doomed
— Carl Sagan

A Cypress Hill-esque intro launches us into another instant classic-sounding track in 'The Balance of Power' feat. Respek BA, who is dropping more truth and wisdom bombs with dexterous deliverance. A hard-hitting track that's making war on wars, you've never heard anything so "gangster" and so enlightened at the same time! The lyricism and beats so far on this record have been relentlessly good, really fucking good, as I've come to expect from veteran Steg G. But I've not been this impressed by an album so early into the proceedings in a long time!

Adopt lotus position as the next track 'Song For The Unsung' chills us out and winds us down a bit. Featuring Becca Starr, a very talented artist we know from the brilliant Van Dammage as well as other projects and various live shows. 'Scrabbled' is another quality track in the vein of 'Break The Silence'. With the witty wordplays and wismodic, spasmodic deliverance.

No way are you sampling Led Zepellin! With the exception of Kashmir, that's gotta' be a first! Yasssss! This album just keeps getting better and better! Becca Starr re-appears for  this one 'Mixed Messages', a brilliant track, the Zep sample is masterfully meddled with by Steg G, subtle, but obvious enough to the discerning music fan.

The skitzy unexpected beats keep the album fresh and alive, as in the eerie and nostalgic 'What Would ye Say?' Many great female talents are being showcased on 'Freedom Frequency', Shay D brings this track together like The Dude's rug brings the room together.

'I Want To Know' is another strange and unexpected offering, with a sort of country and western vibe to it in the chorus. Mindbogglingly philosophical rap, such an awesome and new slant for the genre, consciousness-expanding hip-hop!

 I'm excited for the next track as it features one of my all-time favourite rappers MOG. 'Tensions High, Moods Low' sees the local legend taking it at an easy-rider pace, but no less brilliantly dark and macabre than usual, or as acutely delivered.

'Self-Hatred' features more great soulful female vocs. and heavy, unapologetic rap over strong beats. 'The 99 Percent' feat. Madhat McGore & Shifty Presidents is a genius stab at the oligarchy. A call to arms on a ground-breaking record, that is literally revolutionary. The beats are a glorious kaleidoscope of sounds in this one, and the words are masterfully woven around them.

Apparently 'This Is Not A Weed Song' is not a weed song. A quality tune about the highs and lows of a weed-smoker over dope beats (both puns intended). The pros and cons sagaciously told to a cool old-school melody which really rolls up all the patter of the current zeitgeist about marijuana into a fat blunt and stubs it out roached in the ashtray. Cleverly, somehow, taking both sides of the argument simultaneously...

It feels like this album was written for me; rock samples, intelligent rap, weed songs (though it's not a weed song), quality beats, MOG, Becca Star, a bunch of great talents new to me... I'm thirteen out of sixteen tracks in, and I'm already contemplating naming it my album of 2017!

'When The Darkness Comes' continues the record's trend of unusual, pleasing music with cerebral rapping. 'State of Mind' is another lyrically perceptive and poetic prognosis presented in the form of a banging beat.


'Barra Land' is a cracker, close to the heart of any Glaswegian, telling the storied tale of one of the city's most notorious and well-loved locations, a Scottish anthem. One last bullet to the brain to blow my mind in the form of a drum and bass meets almost-ska melody with Juice Aleem providing the vocs skillfully in 'Echoes'.

I haven't named my local album of 2017 yet, Mark McG took the last two years successively with Giros' 'Who Took Utopia' in 2015 (closely contended by the Mickey 9s) and Jackal Trades squeezing in at November 2016 with 'Need The Characters'. But the only ones I can think of that comes close to this this year, is Joe Bone & The Dark Vibes' 'Goo-Goo Shoom' and Trongate Rum Riots' 'Hymns of The Deep', and I think the consciousness-expansion theme, which is close to my heart, pips them to the post, so it's official, 'Freedom Frequency' is my album of 2017!

You can buy it here:

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And catch Steg G & The Freestyle Master live with a host of other great artists at McChuill's Making Things Happen Takeover on the 9th November (free entry).

To learn more about frequencies and ancient wisdom I've compiled some stuff here:

Until then, fellow vibrations of the one true God whose name is love, stay on the Freedom Frequency...

Peace in the pit.