Take On a New Challenge in 2018 – Become a Main Team Member at NHC MUSIC

It’s that time again at NHC MUSIC, the time of year when we ask a select few of you to take up a new and exciting challenge for the coming year, and become part of the family that is the NHC MUSIC main team.

The main team at NHC MUSIC do much more than just reviews, interviews, and promotion, and they are much more than just part time volunteers. They are the integral parts of the machine that helps NHC MUSIC lay the groundwork for every excellent thing it does within the local scene and beyond. They are the daytime shop workers, the poster/flyer/advert designers, the event planners, the decision makers, and the fundraisers. Along with the volunteer team who do so much great work with us, they are the beating heart of NHC MUSIC…. And we need a few more of them to take us forward.

NHC are now recruiting a some more exceptional people to take us into what is set to be our biggest and fastest growing year yet, with positive expansion on the cards and a new record label already on the table, that’s on top of all the great work we already do helping musicians, artists, other ethically minded promoters and venues, and other local good causes, and much more.

Sound exciting? It does to us as well, but we need to recruit some more partners to help make it happen as we vision it. Becoming a main team member at NHC is no easy task though; the main folk still with us have sacrificed quite a bit to create the club that you see before you already. Donations were made by each of us when times were hard (or when we joined up at first), or stock was put in by ourselves when we needed it to go forward, or an important skill set was included that we were desperately in need of to help push us as much as we could… and to top it all off, a hell of a lot of time was put in by each and every one of us to lay the groundwork for something that we all think can be huge one day. This isn’t just the part time volunteer work that we believe makes the music and arts scene better for everyone involved, this is instead both a vocation and a passion for those already involved, and we hope it can be yours too.

What do you get back for what you put in? Well, for starters you get shares in NHC itself, so that the no matter how large we get in future, you will always have a part in it. You will also get great money off offers instore (which saves you a fortune for Birthdays and Chrtistmas!), a seat at the table when we decide about future NHC plans and ideas, and when we finally start to get full time jobs out of what we do, you will be among the first in line for them. That’s what laying the foundation is about after all; it’s about doing something amazing now, to make a great future for yourself, and others too.  The ethos of NHC MUSIC is that everyone gets paid a fair price for their skills, and that will eventually include all the folk on the NHC end too! Getting paid for doing a vocation that you love is the aim of us all, life is just too damn short for anything else!

We’ve worked with main team members from all walks of life so far, and continue to do so. Some have been in full time employment already, some have been retired, and others have been unemployed, or in full time education. Some people have brought their own projects or small businesses in with them, and some have left other projects to join ours. What I am trying to say is that nothing you are doing at this point in your life will count you out from getting involved; it’s what you bring to the table now that matters, and that can be one of many things.

So why don’t you tell us what you can do for NHC MUSIC, and we can then have a chat about what NHC MUSIC can do for you? The future is yours to write after all, so making a jump to help us, help others, might be the perfect challenge for you in 2018. We expect (as always) demand to be high, so we will need some time to go through potential applications, but rest assured, we will get back to every single one of you regardless of who we decide upon,  and we will start getting new people in as soon as we possibly can.

Hopefully I will see some of you very soon, on this side of the table!