Chats In The Hidden Lane With NHC MUSIC - Part Two - Topper The World

Here we are into part two of our Chats In The Hidden Lane series, where NHC MUSIC pops out to visit the neighbours in the Hidden Lane and Hive in Finnieston, and we chat a wee bit about other sellers, craftspeople, and artists about what they are getting up to deep in the lane! This time round we have the fantastic Topper The World in our spotlight, check the chat out below, then be sure to get down the lane when you can and check out some of our amazing neighbours for yourself! Just remember, the best things in life, you need to seek out...

Hi there Topper The World! (Cool name by the way!) It's great to get you on the website for a chat as part of our Chats in The Hidden Lane series. So please start us off by telling us a wee bit about what you do, how long you have been doing it, and how long you have been in the lane for?

I initially started Topper the World Cake Toppers in 2010, when I still lived in Bristol. Things started to take off properly in 2014 and I moved to the Lane at the beginning of 2017 after originally being stationed in a studio in Hope Street.


Cake toppers are pretty awesome to be honest, especially some of the ones we saw in your studio, can you tell us the strangest cake topper you have done? Or are a lot of them quite weird? I assume the most common ones are the standard wedding toppers?

Most toppers are pretty straightforward bride and grooms but the strangest topper I've been asked to make is probably the one I'm working on right now. The couple asked me to put their faces on a ketchup bottle and a brown sauce bottle, and to have them having a boxing match (apparently in a nod to the fact that they disagree on a lot and are really competitive!) I love it when people come to me with really interesting and challenging ideas, I've recreated a couple's Paris engagement scene, made a miniature festival tent, and made the topper for a Star Wars/Nightmare Before Christmas mashup cake.


What made you decide to take up this specific craft? Was it one thing in particular, or did you kind of stumble into it via something else? Do you also do other crafts too, or is this what you focus on for work?

I've always liked sculpting and I've been using clay since I was 7. I studied 3D Design and originally I wanted to work in animation as a model maker, but there wasn't much regular work around (although I did briefly get to work on a Creme Egg advert!) I picked up cake toppers mainly as a way to make sculpture marketable I suppose! But I love it!

What are your favourite figures to craft? Is there any one thing in particular that makes you happier than others when you get an order in for it?

I don't know if I have a favourite thing to sculpt, I do love a challenge though, and if anyone comes to me with a particularly geeky idea I get really excited. I also love sculpting a good bridal dress, the more frills the better.

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