NHC MUSIC Talks To Allusondrugs - Jenny Tingle

Allusondrugs’ gig at Nice N Sleazy has to have been the best gig I’ve been to this far. Nothing beats wild music in a small bunker-like room, with yourself and several sweaty and dishevelled best friends dancing with arms around each other at the front of the stage while Allusondrugs turn up the volume and go crazy. Crowdsurfing is a common practice at their gigs, and I was delighted to get picked up and passed about!

The band are each wicked musicians in their own right, with newest member Blue adding some sweet atmosphere on keyboard and samples. And the drums. Bloody Hell. Perhaps the reason Connor is such a friendly and amenable guy is because he drums out all his demons on stage. Jason is a frontman you wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off if the rest of the band weren’t going nuts as well. An Allusondrugs gig is like an exorcism involving everyone in the venue. Like a man possessed, Jason screams and howls, but tempers his voice for quieter trippy songs like Sunset Yellow. Drey and Jemal both lend their distinctive guitar and bass work to the general carnage as the audience tears itself apart into a headbanging, ecstatic, sweaty mess.


As well as some old favourites, this time we were treated to some new more psychedelic-influenced songs and not disappointed!

Fuelled by adrenaline and Irn Bru (yes Allusondrugs love Irn Bru, so if you’re at a Scottish tour date, make sure to drop them some) Allusondrugs kicked off the show with Modem, a distortion-heavy piece which ramps up the energy in the room.

Should Have Gone To Uni is a grungy complaint about society with Allusondrugs’ trademark sense of humour.

Nervous is one of my favourite songs. Ever.

Sunset Yellow is about Irn Bru!” Jason shouts, before they launch into the quieter, beautifully trippy song.

These guys are the one of the best live bands I’ve seen, and they have a well-deserved reputation of relentless touring. Get along to some shows! You won’t regret it!

Every time I see Allusondrugs I’m greeted with hugs and enthusiasm. It’s always fun to catch up with them. Over the last year they have gone through some major changes as a band, but still retained their originality and DIY work ethic.

Blue, formerly driver and tech guy for Allusondrugs now plays onstage as the fifth member of the band, adding lovely layers to the sound with keys and samples.

With more psychedelic-influenced songs in their set, their music is taking an exciting new direction.

Andrey Pavlovic (guitarist) chatted to me over the interweb about all things Allusondrugs.

Hi Drey, how are you?

Hopefully you all got plenty sleep after the Scottish leg of the tour! That was wild!

Hey Jenny! We’re keeping well thank you. Sleep was definitely a priority after that last tour. 2 months on the road is hard work. We had an amazing time in Scotland. Glasgow was great! We actually broke down on the way home from the final show in Edinburgh. A dead badger mashed up our vehicle exhaust and we had to wait for recovery. I don’t think Scotland wanted us to leave!

2017 is flying by! What have the highlights of this year been for you so far?

It really is. I think our biggest highlight this year was meeting our new manager Jon. We’d parted ways with our old manager and booking agent and we were completely alone in the music industry for a good 6 months. John found us like an abandoned baby.. and within a couple of weeks he was already making things happen for us. Meeting Jon changed everything - we’ve made some excellent plans. Here’s hoping we can tell you more good news very soon.

Now that Blue is a fully-fledged onstage member of the band, who does the driving?

Blue still does the driving! Every now and then we’ll rent a van…for the bigger tours...but it really has to be worth it. We did our first big tour in Connors little car. Whatever works!

You have a reputation for gruellingly-long UK tours! What helps you stay sane on tour while stuck in a van together most the day? What do you each like to do while travelling?

Music and reading help us to stay sane. Sleep is something that can work.. unless you’re sat next to me or Jason.. in which case you definitely won’t be getting any sleep.

At the gig in Sleazy’s we were treated to some new songs! Any new releases in the works?

Glad you liked them! We’ve been working new songs into the set and road-testing them live. Some of the new stuff has gone down so much better than we thought it would. We’ve spent the last year making all kinds of different music - we’ll soon be looking through all this and establishing which of the works would make good releases.

What are your plans for the rest of this year? Any exciting news?

We’re working up to something…..Nothing official to announce as of yet so you’ll have to wait and see!

Do you have a favourite song to play live? Has it changed with new additions to your set?

Yes definitely. There’s a new one we have called 'Lucky You’ - it’s one of those songs that cycles through the majority of our dynamics as a band, so when we play that one you’ll get a bit of everything.. those songs are always the most fun and challenging to play.


What are your plans for the future? I've heard there's a European tour in the works.....

We unfortunately had to postpone the European tour due to other engagements popping up last minute. This idea will be back on the cards very soon.

Playlist for the Party at end of the world- Things seem to be going downhill recently with a lot world leaders making up for what they lack in intelligence with sheer aggression.

As a band, which song would you choose if it was the last thing you could listen to?

'Masked Ball' by Jocelyn Pook.

Cheers guys! Anything else you'd like to talk about to NHC music?

You’re welcome. Stay safe, have lots of sex and eat your vegetables.