NHC MUSIC Catches Up With Marshall Chipped

NHC MUSIC likes to catch up with acts it has interviewed in the past to see how they are getting on in their musical lives, this time we caught up with David Burns to see how he is getting on with Marshall Chipped, Popart, and his other musical projects. Check it out here;

NHC: Hey there Marshall Chipped Folks! Great to have you back on the website for a catch up / check in chat, it's been a while! How are you guys doing then, keeping busy since last we spoke?

David:  We’re doing well thanks. We’ve all been pretty busy, but on other projects. We played Prestfest down in Ayrshire back in August, that was the last time we got together as Marshall Chipped. Mike and Pete have been off gigging with Visceral Noise Department and I’ve been working away on the day job of covers and ceilidh gigs. Right now though we’re getting ready for our next gig, a Halloween show in The Buff Club on Friday October 27th.

NHC: So you have a new release in the shop since last time we spoke, how did that go then, was it as easy as the first one to put together, or was it truly the difficulty second release?

David: The difficult sixth album! Marshall Chipped has existed for so long in so many forms it’s hard to keep track of how many different things we’ve put out. The band very nearly ceased to be after a couple of albums that were essentially solo projects for me.
I wanted to get back into playing live, but this time with a proper band, not a drum machine. Working with loops and synths was getting too restrictive, I wanted something with a bit more life, to be working with actual people again! So I asked Pete, Mike, and Jimmy. We had a couple of gigs as a four piece before Mike went off travelling. We recorded ‘Time And Distance’ as a three piece before Jimmy retired, so when Mike came back he took over on bass and we’ve kept that lineup since then.

The album came about because we were re-working a lot of older songs from previous releases to get them to work in a band situation. The sound was so different with live drums that we decided to re-record new versions of the ones that sounded the most different to the original versions. That’s where the title came from, looking back on how the sound, and in some cases even the meaning, of songs has changed with time and distance from first writing them.

The difficult seventh album is in progress, sort of. We’ve got enough material for an instrumental album, I just need to write the lyrics for them…

NHC: You guys seem to be busy all the time, with a couple of your members having multiple projects on the go at once. How the hell do you manage to juggle it all without going mad?

David: Without going mad? Have you met Mike?

NHC: Speaking of other projects, what connected bands and solo stuff to Marshall Chipped members should we be listening out for?

David: There’s PopArt (facebook.com/popartcomedy)
That’s a comedy punk band that Pete and I are in. I’m on guitar, Pete’s on bass, Jenny from Joe Bone & The Dark Vibes on drums, and Ben Hughes is our front-man. If you’re a fan of bands like Half Man Half Biscuit or Art Brut, or like the idea of songs all about Doctor Who and Harry Potter this could be up your street. We’re planning our annual Christmas tour just now.

I play guitar in Furory Ceilidh Band as well, so if anyone’s looking for a wedding band… (facebook.com/furory) Mike and Pete have Visceral Noise Department (facebook.com/visceralnoisedepartment), also with Jenny and Brenden Crow, who’s also in Pyre Of The Earth (facebook.com/pyreoftheearth). It’s pretty much six degrees of separation from our lineup to half the bands around Glasgow at the minute!

NHC: You do quite a bit of busking too, how is that going? Is Glasgow a good city for it? Do you have to deal with hecklers?

David: I’ve not done nearly as much busking in the last couple of years. The covers gigs have me pretty busy. You do get pretty much everything when you’re playing in the street, I’ve seen the absolute best and worst of Glasgow. From art students arriving to watch with a sofa, turning Sauchiehall St into an installation to an old woman suddenly and without the slightest warning attacking my guitar case with her walking stick! (The copy of the Daily Mail under her arm really should have been a clue that she was a wrong un’!). I’ve even had a couple of celebrity donations! Susan Boyle dropped £20 in my case once, and I’ve even had The Doctor himself, in his Sylvester McCoy incarnation throw in a few quid!

NHC: What else have you got planned for the rest of the year then, anything exciting coming up you can share with us?

David: We’ve got one last Marshall Chipped gig this year. We’re playing The Buff Club on the 27th of October with Native Sins, The Highway Five and Bad Jeff. (Tickets £6 from marshallchipped.bigcartel.com), and we have a track coming out on the NHC vinyl compilation album.