Age-otori single ‘City of Insomnia’ Review - Thomas Neil

Age-otori is a Glasgow based musician and singer-songwriter. The name Age-otori comes from a Japanese phrase ‘to look worse after a haircut’ and I think that's something we all know really well, but if you feel like you want to know Age-otori a little better then check out this interview I did with him which you can read here.

‘City of Insomnia’ is a great title for a track so I was anticipating something good and they didn't let me down. The opening chords reminded me a little of ‘Dirty Night Clown’ by Chris Garneau but that just increased the anticipation and then Age-otori starts singing and it blew me away. An amazing voice that never strayed too high, the perfect vocal range for this track that was haunting and yet it wasn't overly melancholic, he manages to balance it well with sections where he gets more aggressive, challenging you to listen. I really liked this track, the piano, which isn't something I get to hear in every song, worked perfectly and produced an awesome track.

The single isn't released yet but keep an eye out because in my opinion it's a must have. And like his Facebook for the latest updates.