Just Beatles Review - Bellfield Tavern (30/12/16)

It's not often that we delve into the world of tribute acts.

The reason being that they rarely need our services to promote them.

The circuit they work within is in rude health, and for every tumbleweed gig there is for an original artist there will most certainly be a sold out show where a group of musicians, or a solo singer, will mine the back catalogue of the stars of the past and the present.

That being said quality should always have a light shone on it though.

So here we are with Just Beatles.

In a niche scene within a niche scene there are no shortages of fab four tribute acts, and the fans of the band are rarely tolerant of any that deliver less than a jaw dropping performance.

To participate means that you are putting yourself in the lions mouth.
Every nuanced move on stage, every chord change, will be considered, and if it is judged as falling short of a very high quality bar then the merseybeat jungle drums will ring out until everyone who is anyone that has ever considered checking out a Beatles tribute will know where your band sits on some ever-changing league table.

And with that being the case.

It gives me some pleasure to say that Just Beatles are contenders for a premier league spot.

If you could imagine a local boozer where the Beatles would occasionally turn up unannounced to run through a set of their hits then this is where we are at just now.

Just seriously imagine that for a moment.
Literally walking into a bar and witnessing the Beatles delivering a best of performance.
It would be the adrenaline rush to beat all adrenaline rushes.
Your heart would be beating faster than that of an amphetamine fuelled liverpudlian in Hamburg circa 1962.

The first reaction to them is one of astonishment from those attending the Bellfield Tavern, or will we call it the Bellfield Cavern for the night?

No one expected the gig to wander into bog standard territory, but even high expectations were smashed and left behind as they channelled what seeing the real deal would be like.

There are some acts such as the Australian Doors, and a few others, that have carved out a career emulating their heroes that has taken them too far larger venues than the usual tribute act could seriously consider, and Just Beatles are of that calibre.

They doff their caps to a sixties look, but the real focus is on the musicianship and performance.

Throw in the big time costume changes, a light show and other bells and whistles and they could be playing to venues that could accommodate a couple of thousand as part of a very credible tour.

Their harmonies are delicious, the musicianship beyond criticism, and best of all is that there is no hint of them being jaded and just going through the paces.
The passion for the material is very obvious, and they have the talent to take that passion and give it wings.

All that is left for them to do is aim for the toppermost of the poppermost.

In the cold light of day the morning after the performance the warm glow of seeing something special will still be enveloping those who were there.
And on a personal note I would have to say thank you to the band for providing the spark that has reignited my love of the Beatles.

Thank you very much.

Facebook - https://m.facebook.com/justbeatles/
Website - http://www.justbeatles.co.uky