NHC MUSIC Foodbank Saturday Events - Helping When We Can

Near the end of 2016 NHC MUSIC was proud to host Ally Dickaty from The VirginMarys for an instore event as part of his People Help The People tour. A tour that centred around the idea of people donating food items to be handed in to the local foodbanks, rather than paying in to the events.

The whole tour was a fantastic success, even at NHC MUSIC the people brought enough food and toiletries to fill 17 large carrier bags, which were then collected from the shop to go right to Drumchapel Foodbank and into the hands of those that needed it most.

The event was such a success that NHC MUSIC want to keep the idea going long term, as unfortunately there doesn't look like there will be an end any time soon to the austerity affecting the people of our fantastic city. Things aren't getting better, they are getting worse.

We firmly believe that the people themselves can help each other through the tough times ahead though, and independent grassroots organisations such as ours, and others already willing to lend a hand, can light the touch paper that sparks some hope for those in the worst of places. We aim to help in as many small ways as we can, and, partnered up with the excellent Westgap, we will start accepting food donations at every single instore we have from now on, or if you are nearby, just drop something in yourself anytime, and NHC and its partners will make sure it goes to those who need it. We will even throw in a couple of bags worth of groceries ourselves every week or two, because no matter how skint we are, there are always those worse off than us, and it is these people who so desperately need our help.

This is NHC MUSIC saying that in 2017, we aim to try and help. As I have said in a previous article, I love Glasgow, through all of its faults and blemishes, through the good stuff and the bad. It's an amazing place to live in, and it's been good to us, so we aim to give something back. We can accept long life food, toiletries, and of course pet food, and then every week or two we will hand it over to Westgap to help us distribute it. It probably wont be a massive amount, but it doesn't have to be. Huge things grow from small ideas. We hope this is one of those ideas.

Jamie McDermid


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