NHC MUSIC - Looking Back At 2016, And Looking Forward To 2017 - Part Two - Looking Forward

Looking Forward To 2017...

In the last article I had a look back at 2016, essentially chatting about what NHC MUSIC and I had been up to, and what local bands made it such damn good year for me in particular (the main team will wax lyrical in another article coming this week about their own favourites!), so now it's only fair to point our Mystic Meg gaze into 2017 and check out what we have planned, so far anyway, for 2017...

Well, first off, we don't want to give our game away completely, as we have a lot of competitors who have a nasty habit of stating they invented things like the question mark when we know it's already been invented... see? So you'll forgive me a little if I feel we have to keep the juiciest cards close to our chest until we have the plans set in stone, It's the smart thing to do after all, but there are lots of things we can chat about already, and here is a wee list for you below, come on, who doesn't love lists?

Registration Cap

The registrations of new bands and artists really took off in 2016, sending our numbers soaring way above the 300 mark in no time at all. This is why, after much chatting and deliberations, we decided to cap the total registrations at 400, as we feel that having any more than 400 would mean we were spread too thin with the staff we have, and that would mean less help for those already registered, which wouldn't be fair.

Will it stay at 400? Considering we are already only 40 away from that number, I would say yes. It will be one out one in when we reach the magic number, and we won't be revisiting the change for at least a year. So if you want to be registered, now may be your last chance for some time!

The Foodbank Saturdays at NHC MUSIC

After we had Ally Dickaty from The Virgin Marys playing in the shop, with the fantastic addition of everyone having to bring a foodbank donation, we ended up with not only 17 bags of food to get to the nearest foodbank, but also with an idea for 2017 that continues the good work started that night by Ally.

NHC MUSIC has always been about the people, for the people, just as Ally's UK tour was. It's the same principles that drive our very organisation forward. To this end we have decided that every free instore we do, throughout the entirety of 2017 and beyond, will be advertised as encouraging the fans to bring food donations with them, that we will in turn distribute to the local foodbanks. NHC MUSIC will also add a couple of bags paid for by itself with every collection too, as we never ask you to do, what we do not. We are all in this together after all.

Everyone dances, or no-one dances. It's a saying that has stuck with me since I heard it last year.

New Sponsors Sought

As always, NHC MUSIC is looking for some backers to help us with the great work we do within the local music and arts scene. We say local, but to be honest, it's now Scotland (even UK!) wide - that's why the need for sponsors is even greater in 2017 than ever before. We have a few amazing sponsors already on board with us (linked here on this page, check them out) but we always need more.

Essentially if you are a business, organisation, band, bar, studio etc., or even an individual within the music and arts scene, or just want to see it thrive and want others to know of your support for it, (hell, we even have a cracking Dog called Missy signed up as a sponsor, we are an equal opportunities organisation after all!) then please do get on board. From 2017 onward we have two tiers, smaller sponsors (for ony £50 for the year) get a small linked up text advert, and a small image advert too on our websites list of sponsors, we will also send you out an 'official supporter of the music and arts scene via NHC MUSIC' sticker to stick up in your place of business, or wherever you want to show your support for the scene! On top of that, if you are a business, we are happy to share any special offer, news posts on our main page for you, and happy to advertise any special offers or deals for our 100''s of registered bands. The higher tier is £100 for the year, which means you get all of the above, and also get a fully linked up large banner advert on the website too, we will also give you regular weekly shout outs on the page too for your own social network page/website, even if you have no offers on, we will still promote you and whatever it is you do! It's really all about supporting the good work we do, and you'll be one of the great folk helping the scene grow stronger every year, that can only be a good thing.

Links for Tier one is here, and Tier two is here.

Less Small Scale Events. It's all about Quality, Not Quantity

Does exactly what is says on the tin, to coin a phrase. NHC MUSIC sees now, after a time, that the way forward for us as far as out of store events go, is to have less events across the year then we usually do, but to aim for a few much larger ones in amongst them. NHC MUSIC feels that Glasgow is already full to bursting point with standard 4 band bills, one, after another, after another. No wonder the public are becoming bored with the conveyor belt of live events every night. We aim to put a bit of excitement back into events, and we have some great ideas we will put into practice this year that do just that.

This year we already have a two day and two night horror fair and festival plannned for April, our next Carnival of the Dark Arts will be crazier than the last, and we even have a three day, multi venue anti p2p festival for the end of March. When we say we are plannning big, we are.

New Way Of Releasing Articles On The Website

This one is easy, yet has been in the pipeline for a while now. Essentially we never wanted to run a standard blog, so we changed to a website, where we could get loads more content on there, and even sell tickets and merch for the bands we support. We still want to tweak that a little though, so from next week onward the blog will be operating a little differently, and we believe it will benefit everyone involved with us and lead to more exposure across the board.

Magazine format? Aye. To be honest, it's really just a big ol' tidy up of the site, and means that you, the reader, the most important part of any music website, will know when to expect certain articles on certain days of the week, and you'lll be able to get the content you want without constantly checking if it's live yet.

New CD Printing Help For Registered Bands

Another excellent idea from one of our main team members. This new main perk for registered acts is basically a cost sharing deal to help them get their Albums, Ep's, Single's printed. It's just one more thing we do to make it easier for registered bands to get their music down on CD and out to the world! our job, after all, is to make YOUR job easier. If you are a registered band then PM us for details, if you are thinking of sponsoring us, then this is just one of the great things your money goes towards helping!

New Team Member Volunteers

This coming weekend we will be having an open weekend in the shop, meaning that anything you want to ask us about joining up as a volunteer, you can. Not only that, but our chat, and help, goes both ways. This means that, as a volunteer, you can ask us to help you with your projects too, and if we can help we will. NHC MUSIC really does operate like a friendly club, and we are always open and welcoming of new ideas. If you can't make it down to the weekend open chat then just PM us on the page, as we will be accepeting new volunteers all this month.

Do something exciting with 2017 and join a team that is working hard at really trying to change how things are done within the local scene and beyond. There is a fairer music scene out there just waiting to be found, so let's find it.

More Exciting Stuff Being Planned

The above stuff is not ALL we have planned, there is some amazing, and truly exciting projects on the cards too that we just can't go into at the moment. Some because we are only trying to nail down final plans before releasing them, and others because they are a bit time sensitive. Then there are a few things that we just want to surprise you with... because who doesn't love surprises?