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Credit for Test The Waters photo goes to the hugely talented Pamela Gibson; https://www.facebook.com/shootforthenightbypamelagibson/


TEST THE WATERS - Nice N' Sleazy's - 21/01/17

My quick as a bag of quick things review of this week, of the only band I saw last weekend, stars one of my personal favourite live bands at the moment, Test The Waters. They played in the darkened bowels of Nice and Sleazy's and their new, soon to be released tracks sounded bloody fantastic when belted out live. These guys really know how to work a crowd though, that much is obvious, as the crowd go just a tad mental each time one of their favourite tracks starts up.

The new stuff is, as usual, well crafted, often bittersweet life-tales put to skillfully written rock music. The old tracks stir the assembled drunken patrons into a frenzy, and the new tracks stun them into swaying silence. This is some bloody good music.

If you find out they are playing nearby, don't you dare miss them.


Monster Truck

Ah the halcyon days of The Shaggy DA, Escape to Witch Mountain and the like, the sort of movies that Disney done so well that probably ended on the high note of Flubber, is but a distant memory for most.
All cast aside as the focus tightened on increasingly jaw dropping animation.

And now filling that vacuum we have Nickelodeon with Monster Trucks.
A mainly live action romp that appears to relish not reinventing the wheel.

It's got the lot.

Small town v large corporation.
The dirt poor marginalized kid as the (un)likely hero.
A pg love interest.
And then there are the lovable, but misunderstood, monsters that need saved/protected from the evil capitalist scum.
Throw in an environmental message and bob's your uncle.

It's all been done before, and who cares as it is the formula for family fun.
Kids, and the adults who keep feeding their inner kid, will love it, and with good reason.
The familiarity is like a warm blanket.
It's in the cinema today, but it is the parents and kids curled up on the couch movie of tomorrow.

Who knows how successful it will be as a box office draw, but let's hope that it does well enough that the suits with the money see the benefit of keeping revisiting this style of movie as the worlds a better place for having them in it.


Bratakus (SNFU support) NiceNSleazy 20/01/17

Punk rock riot grrrl sisters Bratakus currently keep popping up and making waves on supports slots throughout Glasgow and it can’t be much longer until they take to stage as headliners in their own right.
More a force of nature, a primal scream, the band are what fans of bands such as L7 and the Lunachicks have been waiting for.
The power of their performances cannot be understated, or the future influence that they will wield, as their finely timed racket will no doubt launch other young women on the path of self expression through rock and roll.
Definitely not for the faint of heart, but it is equally important that they are ticked off every music lovers bucket list of bands to see in 2017.

Boozing In Bag O Nails

New Glasgow bar Bag O Nails is where I have ended up tody after the shop, well, not even really after the shop persay, it's still officially 'during' shop time for me. To prove it, I am hurriedly writing this wee review of the place while I drink in the bar itself.

It's spacious, the drinks prices are decent considering it's in the West End (with 5 random pints coming it at under a twenty note), and the music is bloody great. Since we arrived three rounds and one argument over cartoons ago, we have listened to Hendrix, Sabbath, Floyd, Deep Purple, Creedence, Nirvana, and more. Track after track has me mentally punching the air in joy. It's like I have picked the playlist myself before I came in, and I have to say that our quick visit for a beer has certainly been prolonged by the quality of the music all on it's own.

I think NHC MUSIC will possibly be making this one of our new regular watering holes in Glasgow, hell, we may make it our regular meeting space too as I hear the food is bloody good as well |(maybe we will review that next week!). With the great prices, and fantastic soundtrack, it would be rude not to.


Collateral Beauty.

Tears, floods of tears, people being swept out of their seats by a tsunami sized wave of tears that will deposit movie fans on the street outside the cinema and leave them partially dazed, certainly emotionally wrung out, and possibly still distraught.

That's the intent of the star studded cast that populate Collateral Beauty, and they are definitely not going for subtlety when trying to achieve it.

Why whisper about bereavement trauma when it can be hurled into your face, why make it about a dead spouse when it can be about a kid, why have a divorce with people moving on happily when it can be the catalyst for the destruction of a parent child relationship?

Are you getting the idea.

Watching it, while entertaining, is akin to being battered by a storm.

Everyone is great in it, the story is well constructed, and ultimately it is in fact very enjoyable, but it is very blatant.

If you aren't weeping by the end of it, even if that weeping is only internally as public displays of emotion is not your thing, then you must be dead inside.
Anyone with a shred of empathy will be left emotionally broken as this is the equivalent of a baseball bat being taken to your psyche.

Well worth watching.