NHC MUSIC Chats To The Fall Of Eve!

Hi there Fall Of Eve! must say that I am particularly happy to get you guys on the website, as we have been a wee bit light on heavier music as of late, and the music you guys bring to the table is right up our street! NHC MUSIC has noticed a bit of resurgence of late, of music that has a bit of a darker edge to it in Scotland. We already have some favourites at NHC that fit that label perfectly, such as Splintered Halo, and Sacre Noir (and of course I’m sure you guys are already on that favourites list now too!), so do you think there is indeed a resurgence of darker and more unusual metal and rock music recently? Or has the fanbase always been there, just stuck behind the curtains and often overlooked by more mainstream media?

Hey thanks for getting in touch and for your lovely comments! We think that dark, strange and unusual music has always been there, you just have to look for it. Subgenres like this are always over shadowed by mainstream media and whatever is popular at the time however that is not to say that whatever is popular is considered mainstream. Glasgow has always had its share of subgenre music over the years and some of these bands have made great waves underground without the support of a major label. The sort of DIY approach seems to be the way forward for many "independent" bands. As far as Glasgow and Scotland goes the alternative scene has always been a minority, we find our fan base is more concentrated in Europe.

Speaking of a darker edge, I must say, I absolutely love the image you guys have! It's not just in the way you look onstage, it's everything from the way you perform your songs, to the way some of them seem to be themed like a noirish stageshow rather than just a track. Has this image been a natural progression starting from the writing of the songs themselves, or is it more of a carefully crafted piece of the whole picture? (Essentially, does it take ages to be this damn good at what you do, or are you guys just naturally gifted at it!)

Our image and how it ties into our music has been developed with each release. When we record a new album or EP we carefully plan out our look for promotional material and live shows, from outfits and videos to photoshoots and artwork. As a small band, we want to push for a polished look and want it to not be immediately obvious that we are a small band with no label backing. We have always said go big or go home and that goes for our public image as well as our music and its production.

So tell us about the name then, it sounds pretty grand! Was it a well thought out moniker, or a drunken pub chat that led to The Fall of Eve?

The name The Fall of Eve was just thought up one night very early on. It was something we felt was strong and recognisable and easy to remember. It has a lot of religious connotations and whilst we use religious stories and old myth for lyrical inspiration, we are not religious ourselves.

Can you tell us a bit about your new video that's coming up then? It sounds like a stressful undertaking to do a video from scratch! When can we expect it to hit the internet?

We are currently planning the next video and have applied to creative Scotland for funding as we want to push the budget and production value further than ever. We hope to shoot in early 2017 and have the video released by the spring. Working out a video from scratch is stressful but very rewarding and a lot of fun.

Tell us about the music you love yourself then? Was it a specific band or musician that led you down the path to starting the Fall of Eve? Or was it something, or someone else, that led you into the world of performing music?

From the get go we had our minds set on starting a symphonic metal band. We love the music of bands like Within Temptation, Nightwish and Epica. We love the epicness of the orchestra against the weight of the heavy guitars and the power of the female operatic vocal. We feel this type of music is very empowering and it’s great to see women in metal. You don't see many female fronted rock or metal bands in Glasgow which is a shame and it can feel as though we are alone in this respect.

The floor is now yours! Is there any big plans or news you can share with us regarding what you have planned for the year ahead?

2017 will see us out playing live more than we have as we now have a new drummer in place and we are trying to secure UK dates for the coming year. We also have the release of our new EP If Even Angels Fall coming very soon and our video shoots. 2017 is looking to be a great year for us.

Check out The Fall of Eve on Facebook, andbe sure to check them out live too next time you see them on a bill! Big things are coming for this band, you can be damn well sure of that, so you should cath them now before the ticket prices go up!