NHC MUSIC Chats To The Naked Feedback!

Hi there Naked Feedback! Fantastic to be chatting to you guys again, especially considering the exciting stuff going on at your end, I take it you've been busy as hell recently then? How the hell do you manage to fit in all the band work (Hectic gigging and the new release) with real life stuff? Does it get harder as you go on, or do you have the balance right?

TNF: We are definitely very busy, its brilliant! We have so much going on behind the scenes and a lot of material poised for release. STAY TUNED!!

In regard to fitting it all in, it's all about prioritising what's most important to you. We all have really driven attitude and really want to continue growing and expanding on our music. We all have jobs but this is important to us and we just make it work. It does get harder especially as things grow and we get involved with more and more things like videos, artwork, gigs and songwriting.

We are just aspiring to be the best musicians we can be.

Let's get right into it then and talk a bit about the release itself, it's titled Cannelure, which (if I am correct) is something to do with a bullet? Am I right? Why did you go for that exact name then?

Correct! We were struggling to name the song and nothing felt right within the lyrics. So, we thought the song was rather groovy and we literally typed “Groovy” into a thesaurus and it came up. The pronunciation of the word adds a second meaning because the song is about “getting the girl” and failing, so you “Cannae lure” her, without sounding too creepy. But from your point of view we probably are.

With your debut single now out and getting some rave reviews from other promoters and music shows we know (it is a bloody fantastic debut to be honest, there's not many bands out there with such a bold start to their discography!), so what's next then? Are you guys already working on a new single or EP release, or are you thinking about jumping right into an album?

Thanks for the compliment!!

We are releasing a music video for Cannelure which should be out soon.

We were in the studio throughout November and we have a few singles ready to release throughout 2017 and we’re hoping to compliment each one with a music video.

A lot of bands we are working with have pretty lofty aspirations for 2017, which can only be a good thing for the local music scene as a whole. Do you guys have the year pretty much planned out, or are you playing it by ear as far as gigs and such go?

We have a small tour lined up to promote our second single in February. We are planning on playing all over Scotland and even England. 2017 will be about getting our songs to as many people as possible and really growing our fan-base.

Music Videos have become a pretty big thing for us. We really want to make as many as possible because we feel it is a good way for people to become invested in something if they can hear and see it. We are working on Demos right now so we have so many ideas that means we will be extremely busy all throughout the year and see us into 2017.

NHC MUSIC is pretty much Glasgow based these days, and will be throughout 2017. Tell us though, is Glasgow your favourite city to gig in, or has anywhere else stolen your musical hearts? Is Glasgow where your core fan-base is? Are any other cities coming close?

Glasgow is obviously the best crowd!! Although Edinburgh is a close second, the crowd there was amazing and surprisingly big, considering it was our first time there. Ayr was a really good experience too, they seemed to know who we were without us eve even being there. Glasgow is home to our biggest fan base but in 2017 we are looking to expand our fan base into other cities.

Tell us a bit about your own musical loves then, who else should our readers be checking out on the Scottish gigging circuit, and why that choice?

The Naked Feedback have such a wide variety of influences. We don't necessarily like one particular genre; we listen to and take inspiration from anything that has good substance to it. Bands/artists such as Queens of the Stone Age, David Bowie, Kanye West, Black Sabbath and James Brown are among a few of our favourites.

Within the Scottish music scene our favourites are: WHITE, The Ninth Wave, The Label, The Van T’s from Glasgow; Easy from Ayr and The Rich from Edinburgh.

Rumour has it The Naked Feedback are also quite good.

The floor is now yours guys, any new gigs coming up we should know about, or any news you can share with us?

11th of February at The Old Hairdressers in Glasgow will be our Single launch for “Creaking Floorboards” and the start of the tour.

Also, Dean is pregnant...

Well, that's one note to end it on! Cheers for the chat guys, we hope to be talking a lot about your successes across 2017 as the year goes on!