Banshee – Say My Name – Chrissy Mullen

Erin Donnachie – Vocals
Gavin Williams – Guitar/Synth
Liam Walker – Bass
Gianluca Demelas - Drums

Say My Name, the latest release from this four piece from Greenock, wouldn’t sound out of place as the soundtrack to a futuristic 80s action movie.

It would be easy to call Banshee alt-rock, pop punk or even electronic and not be wrong but they have created a sound that draws influence from a whole array of musical stylings. EDM, classic rock, power ballads and pop all blend together to create a fusion of sound that would be at home at festivals and gigs of any type.

This five track EP has performed the difficult task of capturing the energy from their live shows and embedding it in every track. All too often I see live acts that blow me away but have recorded tracks that don’t do them the justice they deserve.

We’re treated to a short intro track that gives a taster of what’s to come. Seductive vocals backed with a slow build-up of guitar and subtle synth sounds increase in intensity until Banshee demonstrates the power and sound they are capable of to lead us straight into the titular track.

Say my Name is a punchy piece of pop-rock goodness that just keeps on delivering. Although starting with a slow deliberation, carried along with Gavin’s synth’s and Gianluca’s snare snaps, it’s non-stop from the first chorus and culminates in a massive breakdown that goes all out to impress.

Banshee’s skill at their craft really comes through in Secret. They’re in full control of rhythm and dynamics within their song writing and this track shows it off. At points in the track the members seem to be doing something completely independent of each other with regards to speed yet still maintain control, creating one of the most interesting tunes on the EP.

One Step Behind begins with an ethereal electronic introduction but the synths take more of a backseat here. Liam’s bass is the engine behind the verses being the perfect complement to Erin’s vocals. Erin’s vocal diversity is really showcased here, easily switching between the low, fast-paced lyrical beauty of the verses to the high pitched power of the chorus.

My one complaint for this EP is that it came to an end (albeit in a glorious fashion). Banshee went all out for this track and fully utilised all the tools in their musical arsenal. Nothing is held back here as the CD builds to a climax. Everything gets LOUD without drowning each other out. Vocals, guitars, drums and synths switch focus seamlessly. The 80’s almost Bonnie Tyler like vibe really shines through here and Erin’s vocals are almost pushed to the absolute limit.

Banshee already have a lot of accolades and great performances to their name with a bouncing, energetic live show that matches the high standards they set themselves.

Upcoming Shows:
10/09/16 – Audio, Glasgow – Headlining with 100 Fables and Painting Rockets
01/10/16 – Stereo, Glasgow – Special Guests for Divides with Daydream Frenzy, Get Out Strong and Start Static.

Check them out on this link