NHC MUSIC Scottish Punk Spotlight No. 4 - Starring Crimedesk

We are now onto part four of our excellent Scottish Punk band series, starring the local (and some not so local) bands that we love at NHC MUSIC! Next up for a chat are the fantastic Crimedesk!

Hello there Crimedesk, it's fantastic to get you guys up on the blog for the new series of Scottish punk spotlights! Tell us a wee bit about yourselves then, what have you been up to recently?

We’re an old school punk band from Glenrothes formed in 1979, had years off to get on with our lives, then reformed a few years ago to play and record our songs. We are a three piece band with Alan on guitar and vocals, Allan on bass and vocals and John on drums and vocals.

Been quiet in last few months as Allan has been unwell and now recovering – so off we go again! Got some more gigs on the go between now and Christmas and have some gigs booked in 2017.

We see you guys have been gigging around Scotland quite a bit recently, and you've got a few gigs coming up soon too, how much of a juggling act is it to keep real life stuff separated from the gigging stuff, does it get any easier? From past experience I always felt that both just seemed to bleed into one another, it was hard to keep them apart!

Hmm…. What’s the real-life stuff you speak off!!! We stopped all that years ago…. Seriously though we do have great support from our families to let us get on with the band.  We have all had serious health issues and the band definitely helps keep us old boys going.

So let's get right into the venues side of things then, do you guys have a favourite place to play, and favourite band to share a stage with?

Our favourite place to play is The Windsor in Kirkcaldy – we have been part of some great nights there. The stage is roomy, the sound is excellent and it’s a home crowd for us Fifers.   We have shared the stage with some brilliant bands – some of our heroes from back in the day, national touring bands as well as less-known bands but our favourite band to gig with is the Manky Hoors from Rosyth – mental young (well compared to us anyway!) lads who have brilliant songs – they are like our punk sons and they inspired our Manky Hoor song.

Keeping on that thread of bands you love, who would be your ideal band to play alongside, in a perfect world, right now? Why this choice above all the rest?

Allan and John are mad Stranglers fans so it would have to be them. Alan’s favourite band – The Skids – can’t play with the original line-up unfortunately (please don’t ask him about the impending Skids tour!) so his choice would be Goldblade, great songs and always a good laugh.  Most bands we have played with have been good company though and very supportive of each other.

Tell us a bit about your own songs, what is your favourite one to play, and what one did you drop as fast as you could from the set! (There is generally always one we hate playing after a while!)

Our favourite at the moment is one of our newer songs – Future Engraved. It’s a step up from our normal 3-minute punk songs and Allan has written some fantastic words – all about young men being sent to war to die. It has a few different bits to play that make it more interesting for us. The one we all seemed to just drop was On Patrol. It’s just slipped from our conversations about set lists but it’s a good song and we do plan to record it for our second album.

Any weird touring stories you can tell the readers that they probably shouldn't know? We actually don't have any dealings with dedicated punk promoters in Scotland, is there any good guys you would recommend to our punk readers out there worthy of working with if they get the chance too?

We don’t really do tours usually a couple of nights in a row at most and no really interesting or unusual gigging stories.  We have worked with some brilliant promoters but the ones we have loads of time for are Vonnie at Over The Bridge, Greg Chaos and Gibby in Edinburgh, We have also worked with Andy Cochrane in Dundee and he runs a tight event every year – Punktoberfest and pulls in brilliant bands for it. All look after bands really well. 

So what's new for the rest of 2016 and beyond then, big plans coming up? New songs, recordings etc?

We have decided to stop being lazy and branch out a bit more form Fife/Edinburgh and we have a few Glasgow gigs in the pipeline as well as trips over the border next year. Also we must get our arses in gear and get back into the studio to finish recording our second album – high time we got our newer songs recorded and 2 albums in 37 years isn’t too bad!

Cheers for that guys, look forward to getting you on a gig very soon and seeing you play live again!

Check out the band on this link