The Puzzlers - Promo Sampler Review - Alex Main

They say you never really get anything for free, and while that is largely true another much used maxim that carries equal weight is that there is always an exception to the rule, and this five track sampler from The Puzzlers is that glorious exception.
Don't look the gift horse in the mouth and just grab it quickly before they cotton on and and realise that the five tracks they are handing out for free, nada, zip, could legitimately be a proper ep release that you would happily throw a few quid at.
When Clint pushed a Magnum in the face of the deadbeat and said 'make my day punk' he might have been quite happy if the guy slipped him a copy of this.
Well maybe not.

Clint has become a bit of a reactionary tosser in recent years and some modern day social commentary that isn't simply an echo chamber for Trumpisms probably isn't what he would want.
Ah well.
His loss
Anyway, did we say it was free?
Just pop into the shop and pick one up, or if you have ordered anything from us we will slip it in with whatever it is you are waiting on.

Photograph courtesy of Alistair McIntosh Photography.

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