The Art Revival EP Review

I have known John for a good few years now, and loved the work from a previous band incarnation of his, (Which for the life of my now I can't bloody remember the name of... It's been one of those weeks) so when he sent me the new EP from his new band, and stated that it was a 'bit different' from his older work, my interest was peaked.

Bloody hell, he wasn't wrong. Vintage surfer psychedelia overloads my senses from the off, this is bloody well good tunery. "Good tunery is afoot!" I scream at the sky. I don't really, but I do absent mindedly scream it into my own head, as I am really enjoying what I hear. The production style suits the sound of the music and vocals perfectly too. It's almost like I have found an old garage rock tape demo, from some crusty seventies college surfer band, in a box of old stuff in an attic. Or like I've picked up an old radio single, plucked from time and space, and I'm currently hearing something that rocked the shoes off rebellious teenagers from way before my time, and I love every second of it.

Best track for me is the last one on the 4 track E.P. titled 'Charlie Don't Surf' , as it just seems to have a hook that crawls under your skin and won't let go, you hear it once, and suddenly you're humming the damn thing for days. It's a cracker, if not a bit on the shy side of time, clocking in at just over 2 minutes. Then again, they are all pretty short. Like little sharp jolts to the system, all good things should keep you wanting more after all, and this EP does just that.

I will be seeing (and hearing...obviously) these guys live in a few weeks at one of our own gigs, and i am keen to find out if they can pull off this magnificent trip-rock sounds on stage as well as they do in the recorded sense. I believe they will, as I know how good both John and Martin are on their own, so I can't wait for it. Grab the EP (pay what you want) from Cat On The Howling Moon Records, the link is on the bands Facebook page below;