Outstandifold and the Wettygrippers - Box - Review

Since their inception OATW have always been a band who are clearly a sum of their parts.
A small town supergroup that features musicians who in previous incarnations were members of very different bands.
The sort that were the big fish that pushed at the confining limits of the small pond.

And in so many ways it could be argued that they just shouldn't work as a band due to their disparate influences

That there isn't enough common ground for them to build anything from.

And yet from the glam rock leanings to the punk shading that they embrace, and from the light touch of the shadow of late eighties goth that resides under all the layers of bombastic indie stadium rock that is omnipresent, what they do does in fact work.

All the jigsaw pieces from different boxes that shouldn't be able to fit actually do, with the ultimate picture making complete sense.

The culmination of everything being thrown into the melting pot should actually sound like a nightmare proposition, but in truth, in their hands, it doesn't just work but sounds magnificent.

Who knows why, but it could be something to do with the small town aspect.

Before they have all come together as OATW they were friends, drinking buddies, and artistic comrades in arms.
These years of circling around each other, as if there was an unknown gravitational pull that would at some point see them ultimately smashing off each other to create a big bang moment that would create new sonic life in the universe, probably can't be discounted.
And maybe it is that which is the magical ingredient that is the glue that holds everything together.

Or maybe it can be discounted, and they are just clever buggers with a collective ear for a tune and there's no great mystery.

Anyway regardless of all of that here we are with 'Box', their latest release, and yet again they have everything under control and are self releasing material that would have opened record label cheque books in a different era.

The quality bar had already been set high with previous outings, and they haven't bothered aiming for it, but instead used it as a springboard to jump from and deliver yet more classic rock tunes to those willing to lend an ear.

Downloads will be available soon, and a limited amount of CDs will be available at live events.

You have been warned.


Alex Main - NHC Music