NHC MUSIC Talks To The Bahookie Cheek!

Hi there Guys! (and gal, of course!) Happy to get you on the blog for a chat. You are new to NHC MUSIC and our readers, some of them anyway, so please do start us off by telling us a wee bit about yourself and your band? How long have you guys been playing, and how did you meet up?

BAHOOKIE CHEEK, a "pop" group in the classical sense. Formed in 2008 under the name The Talent we changed our name to Bahookie Cheek, the band play witty, original songs with hook lines galore. Happy to career across musical styles, BAHOOKIE CHEEK shimmy from Punky Psychedelia to Lounge, via Folk, Country and Ska, while still engaging and entertaining eager listeners.

We hope you enjoy listening to this music as much as we enjoy making it.

Scot -       Vocals, Bass, Mandolin, Guitar, other instruments.
Cat    -      Vocals, Drums, Guitar.
John -      Lead Guitar, Vocals, Bass,  other instruments

I want to get right into the name with the second question, as it peaked my interest right away, what does 'Bahookie Cheek' mean?
Is it as naughty as it sounds?

Just means Scottish for a bum cheek (the cheek of ones posterior)
It made us giggle. we liked double barrelled names like Status Quo, Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac etc, in our minds Bahookie Cheek sounded similar.
That probably says a lot about our minds.

We had a listen to your music in the shop the other day, and it turns out you are harder to confine to any one genre than we have heard in recent times (which is no doubt a good thing!). Do you think this genre hopping makes it harder to fit into gigs, or do you
guys manage to do well in the busy Ska circles?

Good question! It is hard to catagorise the band, AS we do dip in and out of various styles.
We basically tailor the set to the event, as we write all of our own music, so for instance if playing a scooter rally we play more danceable material and for other gigs we play to suit the venue itself.

We have a couple of your releases in stock already in the shop, and the more unique packaging one you brought in has went well. With packaging seeming to be important these days, do you think you'll go with more unusual elements in future? It does seem a good way to get the music out there!

Yes we have other ideas in the pipeline for quirky packaging and t-shirts but are sworn to secrecy...
We do think it is important to sell your wares in different ways.
At this point i think I should mention our fourth Bahookie, Stewart, he is our artistic director and general brains behind most of our more imaginative ideas, videos, and cd presentation etc. Most of our videos on you tube are Stewart's, and he also has been known to join us on stage for some general rapping etc.

You seem to bounce around Scotland quite a bit for gigs, what would you say, for yourself and your music, has been the best city to gig in? Glasgow seems to come out on top in a lot of these questions, but we are sometimes surprised by the answer!

We really have no preference each gig has its own vibe from Dumfries, to Dunoon, to Glasgow.

What would you say is your own favourite song to play, from the bands point of view, rather than the fans? Why that particular song? Does the rest of the band agree?

I'll go through the band then;
Scot's favourite is He's No Romeo ,as he always enjoys playing the most recent song.
John's favourite is Planet of the Apes as he likes the general feel and build of the song.
Carol's favourite is He's No Romeo as she likes the fact that it's different, and also likes the lyrics.

I think we all love all our songs but like other bands you go through different moods with the songs as they are our babies and we love them all 🙂

Any gigs coming up that we should know about, or new releases in the pipeline?

We hope to get back in studio before the end of the year.
Playing Dunoon 12th August . Paisley in October. other venues coming up need to check our web page;


or our Facebook page; www.facebook.com/The-Bahookie-Cheek and obviously we hope to soon be on the NHC site soon also check us out on Youtube, just look for Bahookie Cheek!