NHC MUSIC - In The Head Of The Artists Volume 1 - Jimbo MacKellar - Guitarist - Media Whores / Vocalist - everywhere

Next up on our look at what makes guitarists tick - Jimbo MacKellar of everywhere and The Media Whores. *WARNING - this article may be steeped in guitar geekiness, proceed with caution.*

First off - tell us about your favourite guitar, your go-to for live and recording. What you like about it and why it's at the top of the heap. And any close seconds, don't spare the details.

My main guitar is a Gibson LP Traditional. Versatile and easy to play. For single coil work I prefer my Brian May Special with out-of-phase wiring mod. It has a great trem system and series wired pickups for added boost. I then have a Yamaha SGB 500 with a really fast neck and a Gretsch Dual Jet for that Gretsch tone. Amplification - we guitarists love it loud!!

What's your personal choice, and given the chance what would be your ideal back line?

I use a Fender combo for convenience. Having sold my Marshall JMP 45 I really miss it. I also borrowed a Mesa Boogie top from Martyn Heath of the Babylon Dub Punks that turned the Brian May into a WMD. Noisemakers and floor shakers, what's on your board and what single effect can't you live without.

We want to know your secrets, don't worry - we won't tell anyone...

I turn the amp up full for lead then use a Boss EQ pedal to turn down for rhythm. I use a Boss Space Echo and Line 6 DD4 for fx. I couldn't live without delays...

And finally, which guitarist is your biggest influence. Let our readers know who inspired you to get started and which guitarist on the local live circuit catches your ears with their playing.

My first hero was Mick Ronson, then Brian May then Robert Fripp. I love Jonny Greenwood for his experimentation and Graham Coxon for his unpredictability. I'd love to know who other people think I'm influenced by BTW. My favourite contemporaries are the aforementioned Martyn Heath, Jet (ex UK Subs), Steve "Racket" Straughan and the Daddy of them all, Jim Keilt.

Cheers Jimbo! Check out the links below to hear some of what Jimbo is cooking up these days, Media Whores even have an album coming out soon, so look out for that;