NHC MUSIC Scottish Punk Spotlight No. 1 - Starring The Sux Pastels

NHC MUSIC has a new series of articles going live on a weekly basis, where we chat to, and chat about, some of the countries best up and coming Scottish punk bands and solo artists. This week we start off the new series by talking to hugely talented East Kilbride punk rockers, and firm NHC favourites, The Sux Pastels.

Check out what they had to say to us below, then be sure to visit their page yourselves and give their music a listen, we even have EP's available to buy (linked below the article) if you fancy splashing out... Just remember, it's YOU that keeps live music alive, and every CD sale helps bands do what they do best, write more music for us to enjoy!

So here we are then guys, the first of our Scottish Punk Spotlights, and of course, we need to get The Sux Pastels up for a chat to begin it!
I'm not sure whether I ever asked before in an earlier interview (on the old blog) but what's with the name? Band decision, or drunken decision?
(Apart from Martin of course, we know he's no a drinker!)

The name - we got together about 3 years ago for a jam, Marty, Brian, Andy and Murray. Straight away we knew we had something. We decide to do a charity concert in Ek with local bands we knew, for the movember organization. So we called the gig never FORGET the bollocks, here's the sux pastels' to tie in with that. We thought it would be a one off - maybe at best an annual thing, but the response was so good we decided to go for it. (Andy)

We thought about changing the name in case we were seen as a sex pistols tribute act but most people liked it and knew us because of it. (Marty)

You guys have recently had a few line up changes, or line up swaps rather than personal changes, how has that went for you, new guy settling in okay?

We started as a 4 piece but always had the intention to have a proper frontman/singer. We tried a few but didn't quite get the perfect match until the turn of the year with Hud. Personally, I think it's given us more depth as a band and made the songs better. (Marty)

Apart from "the singer" hitting me in the back most gig nights with a mic stand it's pretty good ..although never imagined ever having a bird as a singer! (Andy)

Proper singer.
Proper something. (Hud)

We recently had an article go live that detailed some of the troubles that plague the local punk scenes, have you guys experienced any of the hassles at all, or do you just get on with the music and try and stay well clear of any drama?

We are aware of the friction within the Glasgow punk scene, we are lucky enough to be able to sidestep most of it. We can't be arsed with the if you play with or be on that compilation album crap and we are more likely to stay away from those that try to impose that type of stuff. (Murray)

Let's not be aware of other bands problems, let's just be open to working or playing with anyone. Magnanimous and slightly removed. (Hud)

Not interested in the scene - just us ...no further comment (Andy)

Exactly, we're not a punk band and don't fit into that 'punk scene' and don't try to or want to.  We'll play alongside anyone as long as its a gig we want to do and they aren't dicks. Interview over 😎.  Oh aye, and we all love the new guy 😜 (Brian)

Is there anything you think, personally, that could be done to improve the local punk scene, or do you think it's already improving on it's own? To be honest, we have seen improvements everywhere ourselves, great bands, great music, great live sets, I'm not sure the scene is as sickly as some folk make out!

I agree. lot's of shouty punk out there a la early 80's. I think we are a ballsier sounding 76/77 outfit.(Murray)

How to make the 'punk scene' better.  Leave your petty narrow minded agenda/vendetta at home, keep your ego for your live performances, have a beer, chill out and enjoy (or at the very least appreciate) what other bands are doing. And most importantly, don't be a dick. (Brian)

Or look good while being a dick.
We're not a public service co. If people want to know who's doing what go and watch a few bands. Venture out of East Kilbride. We have contemporaries and peers, johnny thunders, the clash, the Stones that's who I'm talking about. (Hud)

What other bands do you recommend the readers check out on the punk circuit? Any new band recommendations for us?

There are countless great bands out there - NHC is a great place to find out who's playing near you. Or go out and discover something outside your usual stomping ground. Social media is heaving with information, people need to open their eyes and be open to trying something new. (Marty)

So tell us what's next for Sux Pastels in 2016? Any new releases or big gigs in the pipeline?

The Punk Festivals seem to be fairly well attended. We will keep on organising our own gigs, especially the charity ones. Gangsterville being our main one. Our only other pencilledin the diary will be The Joe Strummer Foundation charity gig. We are concentrating on song writing and recording for the rest of the year. We'll still be up for a few gigs in between. (Murray)

Pretty much concentrating on new songs and developing as a 5 piece. The gangsterville charity night for the teenage cancer trust is the only thing we have booked.  With only 3 gigs under our belts with Hud on lead vocals we have had great feedback and are looking forward to what comes up next (Marty)

Cheers to The Sux Pastels again for being the first act up for a chat! Next week we will be chatting to... well, you'll just need to wait until next week to see, won't you? We will have some big surprises coming soon in this series, so keep checking back for more Scottish Punk Spotlights!