The Empty Page - Unfolding - A. Main

Alt rock is a strange term.
It means nothing, or everything.

Mention it to one person and they think Yo La Tengo, to another it is Nickelback.
And both would arguably be correct as the loosely named genre is a far reaching overarching one that anything post Led Zeppelin seems to sit comfortably under.
So while calling The Empty Page alt rock would be in essence correct, it falls short of really telling a story.

It would be the ball park description if the ball park was the size of Asia.
To be more precise you could get a little closer if you touched on the US college rock scene that embraced the Sonic Youth, bolstered the career of The Pixies, loved The Breeders, and delivered Nirvana to the mainstream, but that wouldn’t be a direct hit either.
While the band does have an obvious link to that era, it is heavily shaded by their roots being firmly tethered to their home city of Manchester.

Their approach to their US influences, combined with those of their own homes illustrious musical tapestry, has allowed the sound to blossom and take an evolutionary step further down the path from the one that their trans-atlantic predecessors were forging.
Let’s just say that if there was a Lolamancusa festival then The Empty Page would secure a main stage billing, and it would be high one.

The two sounds, from two very different breeding pools, may not initially seem to be compatible, but the band are not a grunge version of The Smiths, but instead a whole new proposition in themselves.

Lyrically astute, and with musicianship that never dips below nailing it, their debut release simply has no right to be as damn good as it is.
Once again we have yet another band that has ticked every box that is needed to secure them a position in the public eye.

All they need now is an audience to pick up on the work they have put in.

For fans of – All the acts mentioned, plus The Fall, PJ Harvey, but not Oasis just in case some think that Manchester starts and ends with them.

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