Jamie Size and the Matters - Anarchy in my basement Act 1: Looking for someone, something, anything.

Art appreciation shouldn’t be solely restricted to that which is easily consumed.
It can’t just be the book of Monet prints that adorns the coffee table, the well hung pastoral scene in the museum that elicits a smile, or the capturing - and photo shopping - of what is currently the vox populi understanding of what is beauty by a camera lens.
Sometimes it has to be a found within a visceral jolt that offends the senses or maybe not something that goes as far as to offend, but rather that confuses and requires some effort to understand. And sometimes maybe the understanding of what we see and hear isn’t as relevant as the feelings that are dredged up by our exposure to it.

It is this that needs to be understood before lending an ear to Jamie Size.

As a base point it has to be accepted that whatever he approaches it is not with the intent of taking you on an easy ride.

Part solo artists, part ad hoc band leader, part art performance terrorist, part anti-folk poet, part social agent provocateur, it is entirely believable that he wakes up in the morning and asks for a boundary to push against for breakfast.
His art, although some would dispute that this is what it is, and they are free to do so, challenges, it creates factions, pushes people to extremes of feelings and divides them into camps of love and hate, but regardless of the side that the listener gravitates towards they can’t ignore the power that lies within his words, or that there is something in how they are birthed into the world.

It would be too easy to discard his oeuvre as being too difficult to appreciate, but all that is required to get something from it is to truly listen, to set aside the idea that something only has worth if it fits into a comfortable box that is easily promoted by the mainstream.

On “Anarchy in my basement Act 1: Looking for someone, something, anything.” Jamie, with “and the matters” backing him, is the artists who is wearing everything on his sleeve.
He is taking his pen, sticking it in his heart and spilling words from his lips into your ears.
And this approach to creating art is to be lauded as it isn’t easy.
It goes against the stream.
It doesn’t pander or make allowances for the listener.
It is quite simply what it is, and he is sharing it with you.

The world needs those who are pushing at the borders of what is appreciated, or nothing changes.

Are you open to change?

It starts here (Here as hyper-link to bandcamp page.)

For fans of Jamie Size.