NHC MUSIC REGISTERED BAND REVIEWS.... Starring Kiss Shot Band, and DopeSickFly

Kiss Shot Band

Neatly bodyswerving the sound of eighties synth pop Kiss Shot are a far more up to date representation of what electronica can deliver when approached from a different angle; in this case the angle being mixing it all up with some traditional instrumentation while keeping an eye on the pop sensibilities required to draw attention from a wider audience rather than pandering to a niche genre.

The people who enjoyed aspects of Portishead's explorations into what was termed as trip hop, but possibly thought that they are too far from the mainstream, are going to eat this up.
Fresh, relevant and a gateway band to a genre that seems to be gather pace with a second wind.
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Forming from the Glasgow busking scene Dopesickfly are a prime example of how eclectic the city is becoming as they effortlessly meld soul funk jazz and hip hop into a sublime groove that has barely any consideration for the tattered old genre restricting rule books that others oft try and claim people should adhere to.

With a sound that appears to be rooted in a collective attitude towards building the songs up, the band touch on multiple reference points that create an easy listening urban sound that will ultimately be an attractive proposition to those who wouldn’t naturally gravitate to giving anything that has a hint of neo jazz attached to it.

Very smooth, very smooth indeed.

With multiple listens it reveals itself to have a bit of something for everyone, but especially for fans of Arrested Development, Jamiroquai, and sitting in the summer sun with good friends just whiling the hours away.

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