Mela, Mustard and Mugstock.

With twenty five years already under their belt the Mela free festival celebrating multiculturalism is in a fine position to celebrate its twenty sixth in Kelvingrove park.

We - Kelly, Sophie and myself - arrived mid celebrations to hand out some Mugstock flyers, after doing the same earlier in the day to participants in the Glasgow Color Run, and found ourselves slap bang in the middle of a more socially inclusive world fair.

Heavy on Eastern culture it may be, but in these dark times with divisive cracks widening in communities it is a timely reminder that we are all just simply people crawling about like fleas on the back of this big shiny blue ball trying to get from one day to the next without too much hassle.

Everyone likes to sing, everyone likes to dance and who doesn’t want to stuff their faces with delicacies, and that is what the festival offers, that thread of existence that links us all.

And it is very easy to kick back and forget the misery in the world when everywhere you look kids are running about from play-park to stall to food tent to whatever catches their butterfly attention next with grins on their faces and laughter in the air.

So Glasgow! Can we have more of this please?

Another highlight for us was the people attending.

Every hundred yards or so we bumped into people we knew.
Colonel Mustard members, yellow movement associates, a Sinister Flynn guitarist, and even some more New Hellfire Club members.

As downtime goes it’s up there as one of the best things you can do with your time on a Sunday.

Roll on next year.

Alex Main