Fight Another Day - Dan Reed Album Review - Charlotte Louise

Giving more than a fair bit of chanter, anthem "Divided" is one bloody sublime kick start to the Dan Reed Networks record "Fight another day". The brief, swirling intro is pushed into play with steady drums that remain perfectly persistent throughout the track without drowning out other key elements that collectively make this one hell of a catchy track. Couple of listens in I notice how well some lavish bass compliments the subtle tones in Dan's vocals. I reckon the lyrics echo sentiments of many people the world over at this present time. The line "we love to wear our innocence but we hate to wear the shame" stuck with me. The threads of constraints that dictate modern living and how the masses should behave is slowly unraveling and as Dan asks "are we born to be divided" I can't help but feel a surge of unity in the understanding. Some songs take a few listens to warm up to but with it's mid tempo pace and encouraging guitar riffs and harmonies I was hooked before the track finished.

Following track "The brave" radiates classic eighties vibes with a distinct bass groove and prominent keyboard merger and chant "eh oh eh oh". Bad ass guitar riff provides a bit of gruff and dirt to the otherwise uplifting melody. Then it's an offering of sheer funk with "Infected". Countering this feel good sound, lyrics resonate back to a dispirit with modern living "Pull the needle from you eyes". The 2.49 mark treats us with a little, short and sweet guitar solo work which fits in just perfect. All in all this track sounds much like a phoenix rising and lyrically holds it's own in substance.

Unraveling, electronic waves precede a slow pace, sexy drum beat with "Champion". Found myself falling into this track and stuck on repeat a few times. Straight up, it made me just a little hot under the would be collar. "I'd love to be me inside your everything that cures all this nothing" radiates pure passion in the way you need sex like you need air way. The chord progression gives a cosmic tone to the track and the 2.40 mark provides another seductive bit of guitar solo. It's a really beautiful track. "Ignition" is a purely instrumental piece with an almost tribal feel to it that leads into foot stomper and power chord number "Give it love". It's a free feeling and liberating number that encourages a sense of adventure. Dan's slightly raspy vocals are superb in this number. The production is sharp but refrains from being too clean or neat, it's really well done.

"B there with U" is a mid tempo and relaxing track. The keyboard notes and gentle guitar picking are like prismatic rays of light shining through the ocean, vibrant and pretty. "Save the world" switches direction and asks the questions "who's gonna light the way, who's gonna save the day" questioning our beliefs and existence with a reggae style beat.
"Eye of the storm" soars in next with a futuristic feel courtesy of the keyboard playing. There are some gorgeous vocal harmonies in this song. "Reunite" as the title suggests is a point in the record where unification seems solution to the previous questions surrounding civilisation. "Cause we're the same soul be divided separately"
"Heaven" is the lullaby to my Sunday evening as I lay on my bed with eyes closed, already dreading the next morning and early rise. "Give in like a dog in heat your dead" I play that line in my head over and over. As I showered, letting thehot water fall over me and playing the record still, I had entered some sort of trancendental mindset.
"Sharp turn" was the only track I felt indifferent to. It was good and fitted well into the album but nothing about it jumped out at me. Some songs grow and I perhaps fell guilty of already picking my favourite tracks and wanting to play them again.
Wrapping up the album is final track "Stand tall". The album works remarkably well as one piece and this rounds up this near apocalyptic feeling journey brilliantly.

Had a rare time listening to the record, check it out!

Members -  Dan Reed - Lead Vocals, Guitars, Piano.
Brion James - Guitars - Keys, Vocals.
Melvin Brannon I- Bass, Vocals.
Rob Daiker- Keyboards, Programming, Vocals.
Dan Pred - Drums, Percussion, Videographer.