Al Baker & The Dole Queue – Causes and Cures

Quality wise we are enjoying an Indian summer of quality releases covering a wide range of genres. From power pop to agit folk punk the good stuff just keeps coming and coming.
It’s been relentless in the best possible way imaginable.
Here in the New Hellfire Club we are not only ankle deep in fantastic music, but up to our necks in it.

Of the many releases that are getting a regular outing in-store it is the Al Baker and the Dole Queue release Causes and Cures that keeps muscling others out of the way over the last week or so.

In part it sounds like the Levellers are jamming with Gogol Bordello, but with some Anthony Newely theatrics thrown in that ultimately makes the whole smorgasbord of delights sound like early Scott Walker on a political folk trip.
And none of that is a bad thing.

Think Blyth Power on stun, or World/Inferno Friendship Society firing on all cylinders.
What we ultimately have is Al Baker delivering a release of timely anthems for the disenfranchised who haven’t forgotten how to smile.
On an album that hits the heights so often it is ‘Grandad was an anarchist’ that seems to encapsulate everything that is the thrust of the message that the band are trying to put across.
With the opening line being ‘my granddad was an anarchist, my granny is a communist, my mother voted labour, but my father never did’ it is a singular call to arms to be proactive in the face of widespread apathy.

In fact let’s just start a bloody conga line and dance our way to Westminster with this playing loudly in our ears and us all singing along while we tear the bloody place down.
Party streamers and poppers are optional, but let’s go and dance on the rubble of the capitalist’s castle of their dreams and our nightmares with Al providing the soundtrack.

As an example of how good this album is, and how impressed we are with it, I’ve just went and bought every download available that I can on their bandcamp page and we would urge you to do the same.

You can get the physical release of this album HERE