Introducing… Mimi Oz - By Kirsty Fraser

Originally from Canada but now based in Brooklyn, New York, Mimi Oz is a singer full of charm, acerbic wit and punchy attitude. Her first European tour is in August, and features a string of dates across the UK, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. Among them is a date with a certain NHC Music, in which Mimi will headline an upcoming Acoustic Showcase organised by Steve Grozier in our very own shop on the 18th.

NHC Acoustic Showcase details:

Mimi’s European tour details:

Mimi’s second album, ‘Men Who Never Loved Me’, is out now (available on Bandcamp) and is a compelling mix of alt-country, roots and Americana. She received funding from the Ontario Arts Council back in 2013 to help produce the record. Amongst its hidden gems are ‘Tickle My Berry’, the record’s playful and provocative opener; it features Mimi’s pure, driven vocals alongside a pop-laden chorus which bursts from the speakers with abandon. There’s also the gorgeously wistful ‘Dreaming Again’, which has an accompanying video you can watch now on YouTube (

In Mimi’s own words ‘Men Who Never Loved Me’ is a collection of love songs centred on “heartbreak, obsessions and failed romances”, a theme covered many times over by artists around the world, but these stories are told with such a sardonic individuality that you can’t help but warm to them and to Mimi.

Aside from her unique viewpoint on crafting songs, she clearly also likes to keep busy. As well as putting together her next solo project ‘Growing Pains’, she’s also producing her band Rooster’s new EP ‘Baby on the J’ - expect similarly imaginative and beautifully evocative end results from those two.

In the meantime, find out more about Mimi and her music on the links below and then get down to the New Hellfire Club Acoustic Showcase on the 18th August. Opportunities to see artists of Mimi’s calibre in such an intimate setting are all too rare.