The Snuts - the garage - June 2016 - Chris Murray

Funny the people you meet at gigs. My first introduction to ‘The Snuts’ took place within the hazy confines of the smoking dungeon in Amsterdams’ legendary Paradiso venue, where I randomly bumped into the bassist Callum at a Libertines gig in March. As you can imagine it was a pretty shambolic, drunken evening containing a huge a large quantity of jaeger along with a lot of long forgotten shit chat(from him obviously!)I promised to come and review the band at the earliest opportunity. I really doubt either of us thought anything would come of it at the time but here we are immortalising it in print!

Will and I recently caught up with the young West Lothian four piece again before their gig at the Garage on a Saturday night a couple of weeks ago and I have to say I'm delighted we did. Not only a fine bunch of lads but turns out they can play a bit too. Actually by that I mean they are seriously good.

During a quick pre gig catch up(attempted interview) they told us how they've been busy since spring with the release of their first single ‘Glasgow’ an indie anthem in the making which at the time of writing has already had an impressive near 3000 views on YouTube. The boys have also been busy gigging and dipping their toes into the festival scene in such esteemed company as Gerry Cinnamon.

It’s probably more of a testament to the poor promotion of the gig but every band we saw before and after The Snuts played to an empty room in the garage. Almost every single person there was there to see The Snuts and by the time they got onstage(after blagging plectrums from us, nhc saving the day again) they owned the room immediately with a storming opener leading to the breaking of a string during the first song, borrowing another guitar and fucking that too during the second(rock and roll!) lesser young bands could have bottled it at this but anyone who thought for a second this would have the beating of The Snuts wherepromptly proved wrong when they rocked up with another borrowed instrument, ( kudos to whoever lent them it)a Flying V(even more rock n roll) which looked slightly out of place to say the least! None of this mattered though and if anything it added to drama though as an exceptionally tight, well rehearsed young band strutted their stuff.

The band seemingly almost effortlessly unleashed a seriously impressive array of original songs except a closing cover of ‘Can't Stand You Now’. And the songs certainlyaren't the usual two and half minute efforts you'd expect from a band still in its’ infancy. Will and I where in total agreement it was one of the best sets we had seen in a while and we go to a lot of gigs between us

It's a testament to just how good I think they are live that I immediately set about booking them for a show in the autumn (tickets available soon, sneaky sneaky plug there) and I for one can't wait

It's always pleasing to see a young band putting the effort in and starting to see the rewards,especially one made up of such a bunch of lovely lads, so keep up the good work guys and it might be you at the Paradiso one day! And no there's absolutely no prizes for guessing who will be taking all the credit for discovering them!