Hi there guys, glad to finally get you on the website (after we mistakenly thought we had sent you an interview ages ago... (we need to lay off the drink...)! So open up the interview by telling us a wee bit about yourself and the band.

- Howson are a three-piece "riff-driven" rock outfit who formed in July of 2016. Since our beginning, we've hit the ground running, playing as many gigs as possible and releasing an EP. Our sound is defined by "beefy" guitar work, "beefy" drumming and "beefy" vocals. We play the odd ballad here and there too, to shake things up a bit.

Tell us about the name then, at first we thought it was one of yer second names! (Turns out we were wrong)

- As with all bands, we went through the laborious task of sifting through possible monikers, only to find that every name we came up with was either taken or complete rubbish! James (Guitars) is a huge art buff, his favourite painter being Peter Howson - after some gentle persuasion (and hours of scouring Google to make sure the name wasn't already taken by another band) we all agreed to poach the artists' surname. (If you're reading this Peter, please don't sue us!)

You guys have been gigging pretty mentally over the past few months, which is a good thing for a newer band. Do you find that having a bit of a relentless gig collection plays havoc with your personal lives? Do yoou have much time for anything else?

- Our life is music. We live for the next gig. Despite our relentless gigging and recording schedule, we still find plenty time to wind down and relax: music is our passion, so gigging or recording never feels like work.

What was the best line up you've played on? Why was this the stand out bill for you?

- There's been plenty of great gigs we've played, however the Hellfire Sessions event we played last month ran by your good selves at NHC was a fun night: the sound engineer got our sound spot on and the other bands that played were fantastic - it's great to be able to enjoy the music from the other side of the stage once in a while!

Do you guys get out of Glasgow much for gigs, or do you prefer playing to a home crowd? Any other cities in the UK you're dying to play but haven't managed yet, maybe because of a venue you desperatly want to play?

- So far we've kept it local to Glasgow: we are still a fairly new band, so we want to perfect our live performance before we 'take our show on the road', so to speak. However, it would be great to venture down south and play a few dates in London to try and broaden our audience.

What other bands in Scotland (apart from yourseves of course!) should our readers be looking out for in 2017? Why have you chosen this band above others?

- There's a lot of great talent out there, but a few bands we've had the pleasure of playing alongside include: The Third Army, Dead By Monday, and Hollow Tones.

The floor is yours now guys! Any exciting news you can tell us about your 2017 plans? World domination perhaps?

-World domination baby: one gig venue at a time! In all seriousness though, we are hoping to take our music to the next level, hopefully by recruiting a manager and getting signed - all easier said than done of course, but with a little hard work, a humble attitude and some slick riffage who knows where our path will lead...

Check out HOWSON on Facebook today; https://www.facebook.com/howsonofficial/