NHC MUSIC - Horrorthon Short Film Competition

Love watching horror shorts online?

Think you can do better than some of the ones you've seen?

Then why not give it a go?

This April 2017 NHC MUSIC will be running their very first, of what we hope will turn into a yearly event, NHC Glasgow Horrorthon - and to launch the first one we are having a cracking competition for folk to submit their own horror shorts to us!

More prizes will be added to the list below, but basically you have three months to make, and submit, your very own horror short to us, and as well as some prizes awarded to the top five chosen by the public, and the top two chosen by our main team at NHC. The top two will also be shown on our actual horror night, along with a Q&A session with the makers of the short itself as part of our horrorthon! So if you think you have what it takes to scare us, then check out the details below... if you dare!

PRIZES (More will be added as we get close to the date!)

The first two winners will get a selection of prize vouchers, not only for our shop, but for other places too, including a meal for two. On top of that we will also air their movie on the horrorthon movie night, and even get the makers up for a small Q&A session! We will also use paid promotion to promote their video online and offline via social networks, interview the makers for the website, and our team will work alongside them to get their movie short into as many other competitions, film festivals, and reviewers as we can!

Third prize (Runner up) will get a horror goodie bag, made up by our team of horror film fan volunteers! They will also get shown on the night too (but won't be part of the Q&A)

All other entries will still be shown and promoted on our Facebook channel as well, and we will keep them up there and direct folk to your own website/blog/social networks if you give us the details.

Terms and Conditions

  • Only 1 short per person - unless second film is a co-created movie with another entrant, in which case you get up to two entries each.
  • NHC MUSIC will solely hold the video up on our Facebook page for the duration of the competition, right up until the date of the horrorthon event. We will then stream the videos from that channel for the event itself. After the event the owner of the video can choose to take it off our channel and move it to one of their own, or also host it themselves, if it is kept on ours though, we will continue to promote it on your behalf.
  • NHC MUSIC owns no rights to any of the movies at all, all rights are retained by the owner of the short movie.
  • NHC MUSIC reserves the right to disallow any video from entering the competition as it sees fit, and to disqualify any video owner from the competition. In the rare instance that this happens, the video will be deleted from the NHC page.
  • The top five videos will be chosen by public views on Facebook. Then a panel of NHC MUSIC volunteers will choose the top three from this five. We will promote every video as equally as we can, right up until the final vote day, so your video will get plenty of shares and promotion from all of our team, you can count on it!
  • Videos will be no less than one minute, and no more than nine minutes in length. Less or more than what we state will lead to disqualification. This includes credits if there is to be any, so keep them brief!
  • The final date for video entry is 1st April

So come on horror buffs! Get your horror shorts in to us, you can send them to us by wetransfer or dropbox, for more details, if needed, contact us via this website, or via our Facebook page at;


      Good luck!