The Broken Lovers - End Of World Parade Album Review

The Broken Lovers are a five piece alternative rock band hailing from Glasgow. Their new ten track album End Of World Parade was recorded at La Chunky Studios and was released on the 18th November.

The new Broken Lovers album 'End Of World Parade' starts off strong, and stays that way right to the last softly uttered, velvety vocal. We hear a lot of good albums at NHC MUSIC, we hear slightly less great albums.

Every so often we hear an exceptional album.
This album is one of those exceptional ones.

One of my favourite bands of all time, 'The Pixies', springs to mind right away but again, I'm not really comfortable with too many easy comparisons with new bands. If I was to make one though, and if it is inescapable (as some comparisons are) then being compared to The Pixies is not too shabby at all. The vocals, as stated above, come across as silky smooth and confidant, and sit just above the music on most of the songs, which can often be a mistake with some other bands who lack the skills and the confidance to pull it off, as sometimes the music almost seems to fight against it at times with these other acts, but not with this band, with The Broken Lovers the music and the vocals play together in harmony. The catchy hooks, the sweeping, swaying harmonies, the memorable choruses, it all blends here perfectly.

There is no battle for supremacy on this album, it's a perfect mix, and tonight while I sit here with a beer in one hand, and a smoke in the other, it sounds like one of the best damn things I have heard in some time.

Favvourite song for me has to be the title track of the album 'End Of World Parade'. I can sometimes go through long winded diatribes regarding why a certain track is my favourite
track on any specific album, at any specific time of listening. But this time it just seems to be a song that jumps out at me right away. There doesn't always have to be a reason behind loving a song,
just as there doesn't need to be a reason for loving a person. Sometimes it just happens, and there is no rhyme or reason to it. It's not even a grower, hell I loved it on the first listen. It just seems to settle my mind like any great track does, and it'll be on my personal playlist for a long time to come.
That's the best thing about this album to be honest, just like it is with that one track. It's not just a good album. It's an exceptional album, and considering it's a debut, it is even more exceptional. Everything works here, the vocals, the guitar, the strong drum and bass guitar framework, it's all good.

As much as I like too critiscise at least one thing oon an album, I'm actually struggling here to find fault. So I'm going to stop trying, i'll just enjoy it instead. After the year we had in 2016, it's great to start off the year with something new to love.

Check out End Of World Parade yourself, and find yourself something new to love too.