Band, Musician, Record Label, Or Artist Thinking Of Joining NHC MUSIC? Now May Be Your Last Chance!

It's no secret that NHC MUSIC's registration scheme for bands has been popular over the past two years, and now over 300 registered bands, artists and craftspeople will testify to that, but did you know the scheme wasn't just opened up to artists and craftspeople, but to record labels too?

Well... it has been, and it has proven so bloody popular that we decided to cap it at 400 registrations as of the start of December. The cap won't be set forever, but it will stay in place for at least a year or two, until we get much more sttaff in place to deal with more! Until that day though, when the magic 400 number is reach, it will be one out, one in.

It just goes to prove how popular it has become.

The reason for the cap is that we feel, even with the fairly large pool of writers, reviewers, interviewers and volunteers at our disposal, we want to make sure we always have folk around to help you with whatever you need, and with any more than 400 registrations in the mix, we may be a tad over-run and not able to serve you as best as we should be doing. Be that with promotion, fee-free distribution, fee-free ticket hosting, reviews, interviews, advice, money off deals, website promotion, boosted video posts, access to free use of the shop for intimate unplugged events and release parties, help with DIY events, and more... or any of the other services we offer to registered bands/labels/artists. Crafts people get the exact same deals and perks as bands do too, and although record labels are slightly more expensive to register for life (£50 for life rather than £25) they also get a fully linked up banner advert on the website thrown in to the deal, and every single band on their roster, for life, gets registered along with the label itself. Now there's a ruddy bargain if ever there was one!

So if you are thinking of registering with us, don't leave it too late, that last 100 spaces we had two days ago is now down to 87, and the number is falling fast....

So what do you get for your £25 lifetime donation? This is just a small selection of what you get...

Musicians and artists get;

  • Promotion, both online and offline.
  • Fee free distribution of your music and / or merchandise, we dont take a penny of your sales... ever.
  • Fee free ticket hosting.
  • Advice from our volunteers, many of who work within different sections of the music/arts industry.
  • Money off T-shirt printing, for the best T-shirt deal in town! (Make the cash yourself without giving other competitors a 'cut').
  • Help setting up your own DIY gigs - with all the profits going back to the bands on the bill.
  • Access to our dedicated, and promoted, gig listings.
  • Access to dedicated online groups to help you get the best out of the local music and arts scene.
  • Money off perks with a selection of local businesses (More coming on board in 2017!).
  • Access to main page shares, the more you give us to share, the more we can promote!
  • Access to promotional reviews and interviews.
  • Access to utilise our unique selling portals, unique music promotions packages,  and hand out initiatives!
  • Rotated fully linked up website advert banners.
  • Access to our new CD duplication deal.
  • and much more coming in 2017....

Record Labels get all of the above, as well as...

  • Dedicated fully linked up business banner advert on the website advertising your label.
  • All bands on your label get all of the above, and new bands joining to your label get access to it too, for no extra cash.
  • Label advertisements on the page, rotated monthly.
Help us fight the good fight against scammers, pay to play, and unfair promoters and venues today. There is enough money in the scene for everyone, so let’s work together to make sure everyone gets a fair split of it, rather than the guys at the top getting the lion’s share, and everyone else getting scraps.
— Jamie McDermid - NHC MUSIC

Here is the links for registering, tell a friend who is in a band, or is an artists, or runs a label, everyone is welcome at NHC!

Band / Solo Musician / Artist / Craftsperson registration on this link

Record Label Registration On This Link

Or PM us on this Facebook page for more info