Strangeways - Sight For Some Eyes - Review

Waking up this morning to a western world ran by the buffoon that is Trump was threatening to drag my day down into the dumps. It's so shitty outside it's even cold inside, and the world seems to have gone a wee bit more mental since I fell asleep late last night.

Thank Christ for good music though, thank Christ for really good music... sometimes it's about the only thing that pulls me through the day. Today's really good music was brought to my ears by four piece Scottish rockers Strangeways. The song is called 'Sight For Some Eyes' - and it's an absolute beast of a track. With classic indie rock vibes it lulls you through your otherwise shitty day, and it's so damn easy going and memorable that it will leave it's imprint in your head long after the track stops playing. This one is a keeper, It's a popular playlist favourite for me already and I only first listened to it last week. It's well written, both lyrics and supporting music, and it's well presented to the listener. Hell, the only way to better the track would be to see it live, and you will have that option very soon.

It's a solid indie rock tune, and to see it played live you'll need to get yer arse to Broadcast on the 11th December to see Strangeways play, with support from Black King Cobra, and Rudi N Spider. Don't you dare miss it.

Check out the band link, and the actual track itself embedded below;