I Don't Want To Be A Soldier - Worse Than Moe - Review

Worse Than Moe's striking, newly released music video, where sobering shots of war scenes, and the aftermath of war are stirringly juxtaposed against the the bands sweeping guitar melodies and softly graveled vocals, creating an altogether haunting piece of work that can stand proudly as one of the finest, and most poignant, anti war songs I have heard in some time. The images interspersed throughout the videos runtime are haunting, and unsettling, and make you feel exactly as you should feel when such images are paraded in front of you. It's not just a well made video, it's a bloody brave video too. Unflinching is the word I would use to describe it. The film does the job of accompanying the song perfectly and it isn't afraid to show us it's teeth.

War should be haunting though, and it should certainly be unsettling too, and Worse Than Moe have done a fantastic job of not glamourising it. This isn't a song about glory, as there is no glory to be found at the end of a bayonet. This is instead a stirring reminder for us, the viewer, to be wary of stumbling once again into the untold horrors of the past, and as the title already suggests, it's about not wanting any part in a war created by those at the top, and fought by innocents at the bottom. Check it out below, and then make sure you give the band a visit on their Facebook page, they have even more releases coming out soon, and if I Don't Want To Be A Soldier is anything to go by, then you really don't want to miss them.

From Worse than Moe latest album "The Ideal of Youth" Video Directed by Gary King @ Aurora Productions Music Produced by Worse Than Moe Engineered by Stuart Guffie at Red Door Records https://www.facebook.com/redoorecords.scotland