An Ethical Christmas Shop With NHC Gift Vouchers

Christmas can be, let's be honest with ourselves here, a right stressful festive pain in the arse. Often it just turns into a competition about who can buy each other the most expensive present, something that we may not even use a few months later. It'll be too big, too tight, too alcoholic (yes, that is a thing, or so I have heard), too bling, or just too damn awful to even contemplate ever wearing, like clothing bought for you by your parents who think they absolutely, positively know what is cool these days.

...but it doesn't have to be that way.

NHC MUSIC are here to help you feel a bit better about the holiday season, because we feel your present-buying confusion pains. Purchasing a gift voucher from NHC for your friends, family members, or even your works secret Santa nonsense, is good for a number of reasons. The most important of these are threefold;

1. It means the recipient of the gift voucher can pop in and grab stuff that they actually want this Christmas. We stock a massive selection of records, CD's, DVD's, books, comics, and even a big selection of crafts from local craftspeople and artists. We have something for everyone at NHC MUSIC, so let folk pick what catches their eye, or ears, on their own.

2. Shopping both locally and ethically is a great idea as your cash isn't swallowed up by big corporations and goes right back into the local community again, buying from our huge stock of music and books means the money goes right back into helping others, and buying music, merchandise, and crafts we stock for other people means the money goes right into the pockets of the good folk actually making the music and crafts.

3. It's not bloody well mass produced tat made specifically for you to waste your money on this festive season. Your kid doesn't want a jumper with Santa on it, they want some bloody well Bukowski books and an ear shredding death metal album. Don't be a Christmas dick, let them get what they want this year.

So there you go. Make your holiday season less stressful, and help us, help the local music and arts scene at the same time. It's win win, so grab some vouchers on the link below and we will send them out in time for Christmas to you, or someone else. We can even include a handwritten note if you like, because we are nice that way! (Although be warned, our handwriting is mostly awful, but we can draw rude images if that's preferable.)

£5 gift voucher available on this link

£10 gift voucher available on this link

£20 gift voucher available on this link