Sway – Michael Phelps of the Ocean Review - Thomas Neil

First off let me tell you a little bit about Sway, they are an Alternative rock/Indie Band based in Renfrewshire, I actually had the chance to Interview them about a month ago before the release of their debut single ‘Michael Phelps of the ocean’ and if you’d like to read that Interview and maybe find out a bit more about then band then follow this link http://www.newhellfireclub.co.uk/news/2016/10/2/an-interview-with-sway-neil-robertson

Now I had a hard time managing to sit down to actually write this review because my coursework at college has been a bit overwhelming but that just gave me more time to actually just listen to the music and I can’t complain.

I really enjoyed both tracks, the song Haven in particular was really good. It’s just one of those songs that’s easy to listen to, it’s not too heavy it’s just something with a nice sound and some good vocals. At first I thought it was just a really good song to have on in the background, something to add a little colour but after a few listens I really started to appreciate the song, in fact it got me to shut up for a while and anyone who knows me will tell you how rare that actually is.

I asked Craig Milroy, singer and bassist for Sway to tell me a little more about the story behind Haven and he had this to say:

Well for Haven the other track on the single. Our drummer Div was saying he had wrote a song for the band, it turned out all he had was a title and a riff so he asked me to make a song out of it. Matt the other vocalist and the lead guitarist in the band had been seeing a girl at the time and it was bringing everyone in the band down, including himself so the lyrics are about us looking at all this happening and trying to help him through

I think we’ve all dealt with relationship issues like that in our lives and maybe that’s why I appreciated the song so much.

Now I mentioned above that I really enjoyed Haven but that takes nothing away from the main track ‘Michael Phelps’ or my enjoyment of it. While Haven was mellow and took things down a notch this track kicks things back up again, I’d go as far as to say that this track would have you swaying….I promised myself I wouldn’t make crappy jokes like that but anyway let’s get on with it. The point I was trying to make was that if the last song made you think then this song made you move. I literally couldn’t just sit about while listening to it so I’d listen to it when I was out and about and it added something to my day to day routine.

I think that this song in particular gave the band a chance to show off their stuff, the extended instrumental parts showed how skilled the band were and how well they worked together and I enjoyed it immensely. I should add that while it felt as if this song focused more on the instruments it didn’t lack anything lyrically and when compared to Haven it’s clear that these songs both do different things and should be appreciated on those levels.

Craig was also nice enough to give me a little insight into the name for this album

It’s a quote from our Guitarists brother Benji, he came back from holiday in Barcelona with his now ex-girlfriend and he was going on about swimming in the ocean until he finally said he was the Michael Phelps of the ocean. And it just kinda stuck with me through the years

So there you have it Folks to sum up I’d highly recommend you give the tracks a listen, Haven starts you off easy and then Michael Phelps brings you up and keeps you there.

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