Test The Waters - Unplugged At NHC MUSIC

Unplugged slots at NHC MUSIC are not the easiest things to accomplish at the best of times, and even harder to hit the sweet spot with (so to speak!) if you are a band unaccustomed to not only the size, but also just how bloody close to your fans you actually are. I mean, you could literally reach out and touch the musicians from where you are sitting, it would be weird and creepy, but you could do it.

Sometimes though, a band who you wouldn't have at first thought suited to unplugged events knocks it right out the park and into the stratosphere. Test The Waters are one such band, and these guys played, and sang, like they had been doing unplugged sets all their lives.

We have already talked about these guys before a few times on the page, and you can get a review of their newest single 'Swollen Lip' here too, but I really think getting musicians to play in a situation or a style, in which they may be a tad unfamiliar, or possibly even a little uncomfortable with, can be the true test of a good band. If that was the test here, then these guys passed the damn thing with flying colours, as their songs sounded great broken down. The vocals, and softer backing music sitting alongside them, just seemed to click together perfectly. We have a video or two, and a stack of pictures as well getting edited as we speak, but if you have a bit of time spare I urge you to follow some of the links below and check the guys out. They really are a band, who without much polishing at all (as they are pretty much a well honed musical machine as it stands already!) could go pretty far.