Stoney Broke - If It Ain't Broke - EP Review

There was an interesting chat in the shop last weekend, during a live set from our good friends at Naked Sunday. One of their fans had spotted a CD on the shelf titled 'Stoney Broke'. He laughed, so I asked him what was so funny.

"That was my first band's name" He proclaimed, "about 30 years ago!"

"Small world indeed" I answered without much surprise, as the chances of getting a totally original band name these days is slim to none at the best of times.

"Aye, it was just a college band" He continued, his mind obviously elsewhere "We were kind of punky, hard punk more often than not, what are these guys like?"

"Well, they certainly ain't punk" was all I had to say, and he nodded before turning his attention to the beer in the shop fridge.

Equally hard these days to getting yourself an absolutely original moniker is to come up with music that has an original feel to it too, to tread a path not often tread before rather than just journeying comfortably on the same smooth riding super musical highway that 99% of other bands do. Happily, I can contest, Stoney Broke go for the road less traveled, in today's pop fueled market he is a breath of fresh air, and it sounds bloody excellent.

Sure, there are liberal splashes of old blues guitar in there, and little slices of early rock too, but Stoney Broke seem to blend it all together into a finely aged, oak casked fusion of smooth, haunting melodies. We have a 'biscuit tin', heavy as shit and hard as nails resonator guitar in the shop, one which anyone with a touch of the blues about them grabs as soon as they enter. Stoney Broke music seems made for a resonator, even his 'Love Song' track is not as it should be, it is instead tinged with sadness, mirroring life's own very real tragedies perfectly. I kind of love it, it's certainly the best one on the EP for me. There is often a subtle, haunting beauty in sadness too, this guy finds it, and expresses it in such a way that we feel it too. Now that's a skill a lot of musos these days sadly lack.

So would I say it's strictly blues then? Nah, not at all. He is as Blues as life itself is. There are touches of wit and good times in there too, as there should be, but he doesn't shy away from the darker side of music. Neither he should, that's generally where all the good shit is buried!

We have this guy opening up our Panopticon gig this Saturday, and his style should suit the old buildings style to a T. So get yer arse down early, as you don't want to miss him! If Glasgow is too far for you, then you can order the new EP online. His Facebook link is below, get to it!