NHC MUSIC Chats To Playing With Punkarella

NHC MUSIC recently caught up with registered rockers Playing With Punkarella, so check out what they had to say below, then be sure to visit their Facebook page and check out their tunes!

Playing With Punkarella are;

Lee Blades - Guitar
Kim Thomson - vocals
Chris Kay - Drums
Scott Brooksbank - Guitar
kerry Simpson -  Bass

Tell us about the name, it sounds kind of horror inspired, am I on the right path with that?

Lee : Unfortunately no, but that's probably cooler than the actual story. So it was about 13 years ago I woke up around 3am with one of the very few occasions where you can actually remember your dream. In it there was this girl who sung in a pop punk band. They were really good but she always left really quickly after the show before anyone could talk to here, in fact her band mates barely spoke to or saw her apart from at their shows so they started calling her Punkarella (I assume because she always left suddenly before midnight). When people would ask what she was like they'd say, "we don't know we just play with Punkarella". I woke up and wrote down Playing With Punkarella and it kinda stuck. We get asked that a lot and it's not easy to tell a drunk person with the sound of a band playing in the background.

What inspired you to become musicians in the first place, and then stick at it?

Scott: I had moved to a new school and didn't know a huge amount of people, i heard a guy outside a class singing 'Guerrilla radio' by Rage and we started talking. We became friends and all got instruments (apart from me). I had no inclination to become a singer but i guess i was best at shouting. Between songs i would play our guitarist' guitar and i just fell in love with it.

Chris: I started on guitar first, Cant really remember why, think it's because I wanted to play pop punk music. So started a band on guitar but when at practise I used to jump on the drums cause it looked fun and I thought it looked easy.

Kim:- it all started at a very young age! my dad was into great, theatrical bands such as KISS, Queen, Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden and we would sit together and watch old VHS's of their live performances. It's Seeing these guys on stage, pulling together a great performance with their music, that inspired me to get into a band and have a shot for myself. To me there is nothing better than watching live music and embracing the atmosphere that it brings. However doing it yourself and seeing your audience enjoy your music (even if it's just one person!) is just a great feeling and that will always be the motivator to keep going.

Kerry: I had always been really interested in music as a child and obsessively listed to anything I could get my hands on, I was fascinated by the variety of sounds a group of people playing together could make.  I heard the Chillis 1st album freaky style, and heard this awesome sound and had no idea what it was! After asking everyone i knew i took the CD into the school music department and asked what that tremendous noise was - it was slap bass! I was hooked!

Tell us about your favourite song that you've written yourself, and why have you chosen that one? Is it a fan favourite too, or more of a personal choice for the band members?

Lee: We have a pretty huge catalogue behind us but out of the current batch I'd say 'Scarlett' from our first show 10 years ago until the most recent that song has closed every set. I think it sums us up pretty well both musically and lyrically. It balances our constant transitions between our heavier and softer sides. The crowd always seem to enjoy it but the last 6 months or so 'The Boathouse' seems to be the current crowd pleaser!

Tell us a bit about your musical heroes, is there anyone you inspire to be more like in the world of music, or do you firmly tread your own musical path?

Lee: The first time I heard Smashing Pumpkins and Coheed and Cambria a lot of things changed for me. The Pumpkins made me realise that a band doesn't have to limit themselves with styles and genres they can have on the same album, and listening to Coheed allowed me to take a step back lyrically and just write a story without having to have that person subject matter all the time. I'm always discovering new music that opens my mind a little more.

Chris: Has to be Travis Barker, he has become one of the most famous drummers in the world because he is a front man behind a drum kit. I like his style of playing and blink 182 is my favour band so that's a bonus. i always try to put on a show behind the kit and I enjoy it so not sure about the future but I'll be ill still playing till I'm to old to move !!!

Kerry: I think in terms of musical heroes I will probably be the odd one out of the band as my influences lie outside of "our genre", but in terms of bass I admire Chris Taylor (Shpongle) and Alex Katnich (Incubus) as well as Flea, which I'm sure will get many rolled eyes from other bassists out there! My all time musical hero, a big inspiration to me personally, is Ani Difranco, she writes honest songs and fearlessly bears her soul every time she performs.

Kim: Skye Sweetnam from Sumo Cyco is a great inspiration of mine! I love the enthusiasm of the band as a whole and their shows are just a burst of energy. Not to mention her style and confidence is brilliant. Even to be half the great front woman she is would be a dream come true!

Scott: musical heroes areDave Knudson (Minus the Bear) , Joe Haege (31 Knots)  and Brendon Small (Dethklok)

So what's next for Playing With Punkerella in 2017, anything exciting in the pipeline?

We've started recording a new album so hopefully that'll get released early next year. On the back of that we'll be trying to play as many places as possible and build a solid fan base.

Cheers for the interview, and we hope to get you on an NHC bill sometime early in the new year! Check them out on the link below folks!