The Twistettes/The Empty Page/Hello Creepy Spider The Hellfire Sessions - 13/10/16 - Ivory Blacks.

The Twistettes/The Empty Page/Hello Creepy Spider
The Hellfire Sessions - 13/10/16 - Ivory Blacks.

And here we have it, the New Hellfire Club Sessions stumbles on into yet another week of delivering the best talent about for what amounts to a handful of Brexit pounds.
Three top class bands for the soon to be price of a twix.

Hello Creepy Spider opened and again cemented their reputation as a band that never fail to entertain.
Matt, who fronts them, is the Woody Allen of pop punk.
Neurotic, and wearing it all on his sleeve, he's engaging, funny and a damn good musician.
Lyrically he mines the depths of his own darkest experiences and then moulds them into little punk rock gems that fly in the face of the frat boy humour that is normally associated with the genre.
Meanwhile Stef, on drums, is the fluid foil who provides his services as the fulcrum of the band.
Without him holding it all together Matt could possibly spin free of his gravitational pull and spin off into the ether.
And between them they are offering nothing short of a masterclass in how it should be done.
Even if currently there are big boy peers ready to roll out more stadium sized shows, it is without a doubt that the real kicks can be found at a Hello Creepy Spider gig.
Most definitely a band that seen once can never be forgotten, and genuinely deserving of the patronage of music fans far and wide.

All the way from Manchester, The Empty Page, equally illustrated that magnificent music and performances still exist in rude health outside the short sighted, and often tired, mainstream.
A mainstream that continues to deliver bland identikit lowest common denominator nonsense via Saturday night non-reality talent competitions and the gossip pages of the red tops.
Here is a trio of musicians who are fearlessly tapping into the power of music and acting as a conduit to deliver it to us all.
And it is important to stop every once in a while and lift our heads up from the grind to acknowledge the existence of bands such as this.
Simply because we often need reminded that passion, raw visceral passion, is not to be feared, but celebrated as it is that which changes the world about us.
Melding the college rock of Sonic Youth, the Pixies, with the influences of their Mancunian roots the songs on display from their debut 'unfolding' simply delivers again and again, and the music, while familiar, is pioneering in some respects as they sound like no one other than themselves.
In an era were a personal voice is hard to find their approach is distinctive, and that is refreshing in itself.
Definitely an act to keep an eye on.

And last, but stereo-typically, not least, the mighty Twistettes, in colloquial terms, ragdolled those present.
It is doubtful that anyone who considers themselves a music fan in Glasgow is not aware of who they are.
Sisters, Joe and Nicky, have taken 2016 by storm.
With a debut and festival appearances in the rear view mirror they are looking to put the year to bed and focus on the next, but before that there are a handful of gigs to go, and from witnessing this performance it is clear that they are not looking to wind down, but finish it as they began it, at high speed.

The take no prisoners approach to performing has served them well, but attitude can only take an act so far, and it is the material that ultimately ensures that a band are remembered, and luckily for us they aren't in short supply when it comes to writing memorable songs.

They have been called post punk, garage rockers and riot grrls, but what they should really be called is simply The Twistettes.

Along with a handful of other acts in the city they are being touted as one that could break through, and in all honesty apart from it being well deserved, it could be a reality that visits them sooner rather than later.
2017 is in touching distance and they are about to grab it.
It's partially inconceivable that there may be some reading in Glasgow who are unaware of them, but if that is the case then look no further.
With a click of a mouse that can be rectified.

Three bands, all stunning, the soon to be price of a twix to experience them.

You really can't do better than that.
So watch out for the next Hellfire Session.