photo courtesy of Peter Mullen


It was an incredible night - our biggest and best gig ever to celebrate a new album we’re very proud of. Thanks to everyone who filled our huge techno party den, and to Crash Club and Bendy Toy. Thanks to everyone who danced, crowd surfed, stage invaded, bought and stole our albums.You’re all legends. If you missed it, unlucky. But don’t worry, the album will be available very soon.
— The Mickey 9s

As you may have heard me extol before, the Mickey 9s are one of the greatest things to happen to local music in the last few years, alongside their contemporaries Girobabies, Twistettes, Colonel Mustard and co. they are one of the most popular, loved and revered groups of the current unsigned music climate in Scotland.

Their album 'Party Manifesto' alongside 'Who Took Utopia' by the Giros a few months later, was the zenith of good record releases in 2015, and I don't just mean on the underground circuit I mean of any album at any level released in 2015, let's kick the ballistics, albums from notable artists released in 2015 include; BADBADNOTGOOD, High Flying Birds, Mark Knopfler, Seasick Steve, Action Bronson, The Prodigy, the once obscene, now obsolete Marilyn Manson, Bob Dylan, Ringo Starr, Blur, Mumford & Sons, Snoop Dog, Neil Young, The Chemical Bros., Dr.Dre, Disturbed, The Fratellis, Motorhead, PiL, David Gilmour, Clutch, Jeff Lynne, and Coldplay... And Mickey 9s and Giros' record releases that year shat all over each and every fucking one of them, to earn the spot of my top two records of my thirty first year, 2015.

The Mickey 9s don't do things by halves, whether their songs, their videos, their performances, their parties, or their venues, and they didn't languish this year either, they recorded and announced a second album, 'Galactic Radio', and even announced a release date, 1st October. The Mickeys, ever enigmatic, informed us the venue was a 

"Secret location somewhere in Chinatown"

After a few months of breadcrumb trails - pictures of the surreptitious venue being built, pictures of the new album on 12" vinyl (satisfying the badgering from discophiles), and sneak previews of new songs the time arrived and everyone was excited. Anyone that attended a Mickey 9s gig in the lead up was treated to exclusive hearings of new material. The day before the album launch, or thereabouts, the venue was disclosed, and we were informed the new album would only be available for 'limited release', the news was disseminated throughout Glasgow's music scene and everyone who was anyone of the scene formicated upon theMickey 9s secret lair on the night of the 1st October.

We made our way under a galactoid firmament, conditions were pluvial, but anyone living in Scotland soon becomes ombrophilous and we plodded on until we located the 'secret lair' fronted by a gathering of tightly-packed nepheligenous smokers at the entrance. It was an illegitimate gambling den for Triads, as when we walked in it seemed to be a Chinese restaurant, with oryzivorous Asians occupying the candlelit tables, but once we showed our tickets the atmosphere relaxed, the tables revolved into trapdoors and booths oscillated, to reveal roulette wheels, blackjack tables and various illegal gambling paraphernalia.

After being directed upstairs we came to the heart of the Mickey 9s album launch, a large, long, cavernous room, with a single packed bar and a stage overlooking a tremendously large dancefloor. In true fashion, the pseudo-vanitarianism Gold Movement had erected and built their own venue. This was quite amazing, they were still putting the finishing touches on their renovation when we walked in, but the place was already filling out.

Everyone was there, members of all of Glasgow's notable bands attended, as well as all of the city's serious music lovers and most hardcore hedonistic party animals, the Gonzo Div. were in full attendance alongside various other journalists, photographers etc. and there was even a celebrity appearance from Bez of the Happy Mondays among the crowd!

With strong support from Crash Club, Bendy Toy and a host of DJs the Mickey 9s took to the stage with their usual vigour and the pit was a writhing mass of churning bodies as everybody danced to the eclectic rhythms of the funk/punk masters. Their set was a nice mix of old and new. Though verecund off the stage, as soon as he dons that golden mask, bel esprit Dougie is the perfect frontman, rakish, efficacious, felid and he is kinetogenic with his outlandish dance moves and orotund vocals. The band are tight and well-honed with their instruments creating a dionysian sound with an effect full of vivency and velocious vibes.

The bibulous crowd were buzzing with circumambient energy, and the whole scene came together to attend yet another landmark in local music, the second coming of the Mickey 9s, the band that are the empyrean of unsigned music the last two years. Some of the glitterati from several bands in the audience came back to mine and several types of drugs were consumed which saw Saturday night lasting until I rolled into my bed at 11am on Monday morning, after chasing a combo of psilocybin, MDMA. 2CB and ketamine by drinking, smoking and coking myself into a state of heightened sobriety, as I tried to sleep with the glorious sound of the Mickey 9s buzzing in my head I closed my eyes and drifted off with a smile. When I awoke again late that Monday night, I didn't even have a hangover or a comedown, result!

I have a copy of the Mickey 9s' album on vinyl and will be dropping the needle to bring you an album review very soon, so stay tuned for that, and the Mickeys are supporting on what is sure to be an amazing night for Jackal Trade's debut album launch (which I tip to be an album of 2016) alongside "Yellow Movement ninjas" oppidan pop-punkers Jamie and Shoony as well as Spring Break and Rory O'B! A fucking brilliant line up for what will be a special night, 5th of November at the Classic Grand, see you all there!