Savage Cut/New Zero God Split Single Review - Thomas Neil

           Lineup for Savage Cut:

Gaz Davis (Guitar) / Brian Keirnan (Guitar)

Liam Innes (Drums) / John Innes (Bass)

and guest vocalist Bobby Deans

       Lineup for New Zero God:

Mike Pougounas (Vocals/Keyboards) / Harris Stavrakas (Bass)

Akis Nikolaidis (Guitar) / Babis 'BB Romeo' Efthimiou (Drums/Programming)

John Psimopoulos (Drums)

Savage Cut are a West Lothian based post punk band who in style have been likened to Mogwai and Killing Joke. On this track called “Madhouse Magical” they collaborate with a guest vocalist Bobby Deans who brings a unique sound to the track with his spoken word piece.

The second track was from a Greek band by the name of New Zero God and is called “Redemption” and it was actually recorded specifically for this limited edition single.

There seems to be a trend with my reviews where I talk a little bit about what I’m doing when I listen to them, I guess to provide context to the songs or maybe to suggest something good to do while listen. My usual process tends to involve listen to the songs for a few days, just on repeat alongside my usual music so that I can get a feel for it and really hear the music and then after that it’ll have sunk in and I can jump onto my laptop and write something. Unfortunately this week I didn’t have the benefit of doing that because I was up against four pretty hard deadlines for college and I couldn’t even listen to the songs as I was coming and going because I lost my earphones. But just listening to then when I could I still feel as If I’ve gotten to know the songs well enough.

To put it another way, these two tracks have been playing in the background over the past week as I got less sleep and more stress and I still like them.

However that is not to say they were without faults.

Madhouse Magical by Savage Cut is in my opinion a little rough. Now I will start by saying I liked the song. And I liked the approach of going for a spoken word track, it’s not something you see every day, it was fresh and it kept my attention. However I found that the music overpowered the singing and made it hard to distinguish what was actually being said. It wasn’t a big issue and It didn’t impact my enjoyment of the song overall but I think that it detracted from the power and impact of having the singer do a spoken word track by covering his voice up with the music. Now I don’t want to seem too negative as I said I liked the song and on its own the music was top notch, it was sharp and the guitar made me picture something jagged, which I suppose fits with the name Savage Cut. Overall the song was good and it’s earned a place on my playlist.

I would like to say before I move on that I really enjoyed the spoken word choice and I think it was a bold move by Savage Cut to go that route. It made the song something I'll remember and definitely something I'll go back and listen to again.

Now in contrast New Zero Gods track Redemption sounded a lot clearer, not better but there was a distinct difference in the style and presentation of both songs. This track seemed a lot more like a traditional rock song. I found myself singing along with this one, and I was quite glad that the random bits I kept mumbling to myself got stuck in a friends head as well. I think the best compliment I can give is that the song is contagious. There is a thing at about the 2:34 mark that I really like, I won’t ruin what they do but It’s a really powerful sound and it really makes you feel alive. Overall what I’d say about this song is that the pace lends itself really well to late night, last minute writing because it keeps you going with the energy and the build-up.

In closing I'd like to say that I recommend both of these songs, they seek to and succeed at doing very different things and that alone is worthy of praise but I'll leave it up to you to listen to the tracks and form your own opinion.

Links for the band are below: