Selling Your Music And Merchandise With NHC MUSIC - Record Labels - A forever Subscription For Only 50bucks!


Selling Your Music And Merchandise With NHC MUSIC - Record Labels - A forever Subscription For Only 50bucks!


Selling Your Music And Merchandise With NHC MUSIC - record labels - forever Subscription

*registering as a record label? Remember that registration covers not only the label, but also all the acts under it's wing, and that's forever - also includes a fully linked up banner advert for the label on our website, the labels addition to our registered listings, and you can get all the goodies the bands get for yourself too, like t-shirts for your label, or help with label launch events, ticket hosting etc.

There are some new perks already included in the registration offer, including rotated adverts on our main page, first refusal on gig spots hosted by ourselves, etc...

We see you are thinking about joining the UK's fastest growing, not for profit, unsigned and independent promotions and distribution company for bands and musicians, so you must already like the idea of joining up with 200+ bands, musicians, labels, authors, and artists and registering with NHC MUSIC for promotion and distribution.

Check out just some of the perks of registering with us today; promotion of gigs, videos, new releases, you name it. The more you give us, the more we can do for you.
There is access to promotional reviews, interviews, and news articles, as well as a fully linked up A-Z listing page, and an exclusive gig/event listings on our high traffic blog,
Percentage free distribution both in our online store, and our walk in music shop in Glasgow's up and coming Finnieston area. You get 100% of your sale price back for every single sale made via us too, we even host booking-fee free tickets.
Access to perks such as money off merchandise for your band, and an ever growing list of other unique deals/offers from local businesses such as recording studios etc.- Band / Music advice, help with DIY gigs, access to closed online groups, and much more....

Join the winning team today. Join NHC MUSIC.

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