NHC MUSIC's Mixed Up Music Deal - Medium


NHC MUSIC's Mixed Up Music Deal - Medium


NHC MUSIC is constantly strivingto get the bands we have registered with us heard. Heard by as many ears as possible. It's kind of our main deal to be honest, it's what is important to both us, and also the bands themselves.

Music defines a lot of our lives, from our happiest, joy filled moments, to our saddest days. From our drunken nights out, to our moments of quiet contemplation. It's kind of a big deal. Our job is to help new music strive, so it can share even more important moments with us in future.

That's why NHC MUSIC has cooked up some new deals. For a fiver, a tenner, or a twenty we will send you a selection of new music from bands and musicians registered with us, over 250 of them to be exact. There could be anything in there, from one or two Cd's (small), to up to five (large). Maybe even some vinyl, if you are lucky. You pay us the cash, we send you the music, and the bands get ALL of the money from the deal, thus enabling them to make more music.

It's win win really. Just make the purchase, and then choose a genre, we will try and stay within those limits and send you something new to listen to, and maybe love. Or go for a full surprise and choose 'random'. That's what we recommend to be honest.

Feed The Music - Not The Corporations

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