About Us...


To make the local music and arts scene fair for everyone that strives within it, no matter where your 'local music scene' currently resides. The local scenes are for everyone, and should be to everyone's benefit, they are not just there to feed an endless conveyor belt of funds to those sitting at the top, lining their pockets at the expense of everyone else below them. There is a fairer scene out there for everyone.

We just have to make it.

New Hellfire Club are helping musicians find a new way of doing business. They are also showing up the old rip-off Music Business for what it was/is ‘A Con’ Good luck to them and everyone involved.
— Johnny Navarro - Devilish Presley

THIS IS ONLY A FRACTION of what we already do

  • Helping registered musicians/bands self fund by giving them a walk in store to sell their music and merchandise, giving them 100% of their sales back
  • Helping registered bands release their music by going in as partners with CD releases, thus cutting their outgoing costs.
  • Cutting registered bands costs by getting them discounts on locally made merchandise.
  • Helping registered bands set up DIY gigs, without taking any of their profit for doing so.
  • Ongoing promotion online and offline for registered artists, with no extra costs to the artist themselves.
  • Free backline usage for bands and musicians available to collect from the store, meaning no more surprising extra costs when putting on a gig.